Lindt v supermarket own Easter eggs and bunnies compared in taste test

Aldi's Easter eggs and bunnies taste test

With Easter fast approaching, tasted chocolates from the iconic Swiss chocolatier Lindt and compared them to supermarkets’ own Easter eggs. Aldi was recently named the cheapest supermarket in the UK for 2023 so comparing the most renowned brand to the most affordable seemed like the ultimate chocolate taste test ahead of Easter.

I started by tasting Aldi’s milk chocolate Moser Roth Luxury egg, which retails for £5.99, and compared it to Lindt’s LINDOR Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, with a price of £11.

Aldi’s milk chocolate Easter egg is “crafted using silky smooth milk chocolate” and it comes with a selection of “melt-in-the-mouth truffles that are filled with a rich, indulgent cocoa filling”.

Lindt’s Easter Egg has the legendary milk chocolate flavour, and “you can’t go wrong with this blissful taste,” as the brand explained.

It was a close call at first, but the absolute winner was without a doubt, Lindt’s Easter egg, featuring the brand’s signature and distinctive flavour.

Next was Aldi’s Moser Roth Luxury Truffles, which are sold together with the Moser Roth Luxury egg, retailing for £5.99.

I compared it to Lindt’s new Blood orange truffles which come with the LINDOR Blood Orange Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, also priced at £11.

Here, Aldi was the clear winner for me, with its smooth and delicious milk chocolate truffles filled with a rich, indulgent cocoa filling.

Lindt’s blood orange truffles were also a treat, with their smooth and rich blood orange filling perfect to elevate the indulgence, but lacked the essence of the traditional Easter milk chocolate.

Finally, I tasted Aldi’s Moser Roth Milk Chocolate Bunny, available at the supermarket for just £1.49 and compared it to Lindt’s iconic bunny, but this time in the new white chocolate strawberry flavour, priced at £3.

Despite Lindt’s unique chocolate bunny made with “the finest white chocolate and strawberry pieces”, I chose Aldi’s traditional milk chocolate bunny which both children and adults will definitely enjoy this Easter.

Aldi’s bunny, which is made using luxurious milk chocolate and finished with an adorable Easter bow, is available in three delicious flavours: milk, white and milk hazelnut chocolate.

The absolute winner was therefore Aldi, beating Lindt in the truffle and Easter bunny category although Lindt won the Easter egg milk chocolate taste test.

Chocolate addict Lewis also tasted the Easter treats for and shared his opinion saying: “For me, the Lindt Easter egg was better because it tasted better quality.

“Aldi’s was still good chocolate! I was surprised, they were both very nice, it was hard to tell the difference. I would also be happy with Aldi’s chocolate egg this Easter.

“With the Aldi truffles you couldn’t tell it was Aldi, the quality was just as good as Lindt.

“Aldi’s bunny was better because they kept it plain and simple, you know what you get. The Lindt white chocolate was nice but strawberry chocolate is a bit of a weird choice, I wasn’t too keen. Not really my flavour for an Easter chocolate bunny. It doesn’t really capture the essence of Easter chocolate.”

Tesco sells the Lindt Easter Gold Bunny Strawberry White Chocolate for £2.75 but the supermarket also has the classic Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate available, at a price of £2.75.

Sainsbury’s sells the Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Milk Truffles for its original price, £11, while supermarket Asda has it on sale for £10.

According to a recent study from The Grocer, Lindt is the second most popular chocolate brand in the UK followed by Galaxy, Maltesers and Kinder. Cadbury Dairy Milk came first as the UK’s favourite chocolate.

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