Love Hearts’ rebrand to Kind Hearts branded ‘absolutely ridiculous’

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Swizzels has worked with charity YoungMinds to create new packs of sweets with eight new messages, including “BE YOU”, “YOU’RE LOVED”, “DREAM BIG”, “POSITIVE VIBES” and “RESPECT”. The confectionery manufacturer, based in New Mills, Derbyshire, aims to raise awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing by encouraging fans of the brand to be kind to one another.

But the decision has split opinion, with some nostalgic sweet fans claiming they’ll miss Love Hearts, Birmingham Live reports.

“Absolutely ridiculous. They have always been Love Hearts, and they’ll always be Love Hearts,” one Facebook user posted.

“They’ve always been Love Hearts. Why can’t you leave them as Love Hearts? It’s pathetic,” another wrote.

A third shared: “Why change the name? They are Love Hearts to me.”

But others have praised Swizzels for supporting mental health causes. The company will make a contribution to YoungMinds from the sale of each and every Kind Hearts pack.

One woman posted: “If it promotes mental health, then that’s good. I’ll make sure I buy some.”

Another shared: “This is a great move.”

Swizzels worked with YoungMinds for 18 months before launching the rebrand.

The charity says demand has significantly increased since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kind Hearts are now available in a £1 bag and in a giant roll format.

Claire Lee, senior brand manager at Swizzels, said: “I’m overjoyed to be working with YoungMinds, who are an incredible charity doing so much work to help young people and their parents when they need it most.

“Kind Hearts is really just the start of the partnership. We are planning lots of exciting fundraising activity to support YoungMinds and we hope that we can encourage others to join in and do the same.”

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