McDonald’s finally release Big Mac sauce today – but fans hit snag with Special Sauce pots

McDonald’s fans have rushed to buy the Special Sauce pots, which are on sale today for 50p each. They can be purchased in McDonald’s branches or on UberEats.


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McDonald’s UK posted on Twitter to confirm the happy news, and said: “FINALLY. Big Mac Special Sauce pots are here! #MacItBetter.”

Big Mac lovers have been stockpiling the sauce all morning, sharing images of themselves walking out of restaurants with bags full of sauce.

But there is a problem that many have discovered.

The sauce has a very short shelf life, which means it is not possible to stockpile the item at home.

One Twitter user wrote: “I got 8 but then realised it states it has to be used on day of purchase – oops lol.”

Another person spent a whopping £10 on sauce, before realising their mistake.

They noted: “Says eat on day of purchase but has best before date of April?”

McDonald’s have confirmed the shelf life of the pots, and said: “The 50ml pots have a seven-day shelf life.”

500 luck burger fans did get their hands on bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce, which McDonald’s were giving out on 12 February.

Each limited edition bottle was numbered – and has a much longer shelf life than the pots.

However, these are now all gone – leaving only the 50p pots available for those hankering after the sauce.

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the UK, with many items on their menu inspiring a cult following.


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This has included items in recent months such as spicy chicken nuggets and a plant-based burger.

Making sure children aren’t left out, last year the chain introduced vegetarian Happy Meals.

The main meal features a red pesto goujon tortilla wrap, which has been garnished with tomato ketchup and shredded lettuce.

The meat-free option is made from yellow split peas, tomato, arborio rice, and sundried tomato pesto – all covered in breadcrumbs.

Such is the lure of McDonald’s, fans share tips and tricks online to get the most from their meals.

One savvy eater shared how to get extra toppings on a McFlurry.

For just 20p, plucky McDonald’s customers can enjoy extra sauce, another Oreo cookie, more Crunchie or even more Dairy Milk pieces.

All McFlurry fans have to do is ask their server, and they will be happy to make the addition.

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