McDonald’s insiders reveal shocking truth about the chain’s ice cream machines

McDonald’s McFlurrys, ice creams and milkshakes are much-loved by fans of the fast-food chain. However, some customers are often frustrated when they find they can’t get their favourite cold treat. Diners are sometimes told that the ice cream machine is broken.

McDonald’s employees have been known to blame this fact for not being able to serve ice cream.

But how much truth is there to this claim?

A McDonald’s insider has revealed what staff really mean when they say this.

The employee shared the insight on Twitter.

He explained that staff sometimes claim the ice machines are broken when they are not.

This is because cleaning the equipment is hard work and a time-consuming task and they’d rather avoid the job, the insider said.

Twitter user @will_doyle posted: “Btw, I used to work in McDonalds.

“The ice cream machine was never broke, it just takes 3 hours to clean so we used to say it was broke so we didn’t have to serve you lot. Cheers x (sic).”

The Twitter user is not the only one to own up to this.

@MichaelZyzzi said: “As an ex McDonald’s employee, the ice cream machine was always working it just took too long to clean it so we used to tell everyone it was broken hahaha.”

Others were confused as to why workers couldn’t simply say the machines were being cleaned.

One person tweeted: “I don’t understand why you couldn’t say it’s being cleaned or maintenanced (sic).”

Former worker @ikariarunner replied: “Because people don’t understand that you can’t use it at all when its on a cleaning cycle…

“They just think you’re wiping it down or something, its easier to say its broken (sic).”

McDonald’s itself has shared official insight into the ice cream machine process on social media.

This week, McDonald’s used its Twitter account to reply to a customer who was recently informed the machine was out of action.

McDonald’s said: “Our shake and soft-serve ice cream machines undergo heat treatment cycles every 24 hrs—they’re disassembled, sanitized and cleaned every 14 days. We’re sorry for any inconvenience (sic).”

To other Twitter users, the fast-food chain shared a top tip to ice cream and milkshake lovers.

McDonald’s advised that customers check with their local branch about whether the machine is in use ahead of visiting to avoid disappointment.

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