Method for the ‘perfect’ eggs in the microwave

Jennifer Valentyne is a viral TikToker who describes herself as a “mum who loves cooking.” She uses her TikTok account @jennifervalentyne to teach her best tips and tricks for cooking and has come up with a quick and easy hack on how to get a perfectly poached egg for a weekend morning.

Jennifer began her video with an uncooked egg, and said “This is the easiest poached egg you have ever made.”She then explained her simple, trick, and showed herself with a spoon and jug. She said: “Add one teaspoon of vinegar to a cup of cold water. Then, add your egg.”

The TikTok cook then carefully placed her jug in a microwave and said she was going to put the microwave on for one minute, and that was her method for making a quick poached egg. Once the microwave was done, Jennifer showed off the poached egg and smiled as the egg looked delicious and round. She said: “That looks perfect!”

Jennifer then placed the egg on some grain toast and said she was adding a “little salt and pepper” and then cut into it. As the yolk dripped down the toast, Jennifer said that her breakfast looked “beautiful.”

@jennifervalentyne Microwave Poached Egg #easyrecipe #hack ♬ original sound – darcy stokes

In the comment section, people thanked Jennifer for the quick and simple method of making a poached egg. One person said: “I love your recipe!” I never knew how to make one before!” and another person said: “worked like a charm for me.”

Other people suggested ways to eat your poached egg, as one user said they loved using the method on avocado toast, while someone else said: “This works! We love it! Now my son can add an egg to his cup ramen.”

Jennifer also had another method for making eggs in a microwave and showed her audience how to make sunny-side-up eggs for their breakfast with just two paper plates.

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She said: “On my first plate, I have sprayed a bit of oil, then I am just going to crack my egg on it. Then, I am going to cover it with another paper plate.”The TikTok cook then set her microwave to 30 seconds and placed her covered egg inside.

After it was cooked, Jennifer showed off her egg, which looked perfectly done and sprinkled some pepper onto the sunny-side-up egg before using her york to break it into the yolk.

She said: “Check this out, look at that! It is perfect, it is beautiful and in the microwave.”

People in the comments thanked Jennifer for her microwave tips and tricks, as one person wrote: “You my dear do some amazing things for folks!”

One person said: “That is cool, I never thought about doing that”. Someone else said “Nice! I gotta try it” while another person wrote: “That’s awesome.”

Another person said the idea was “absolutely awesome” and added: “I know what’s for my breakfast tomorrow morning.” A third person seemed to have tried the recipe and said: “That’s cool and easier than a poached egg and works out just as good.”

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