Mint sauce recipe: How to make mint sauce for your lamb roast

Lamb roasts are a cut above the rest when they are done right, and nothing finishes off the dish like a gorgeous homemade mint sauce. With Easter weekend here, it’s the perfect time to purchase all of the ingredients for your roast, and you shouldn’t miss out on anything, including your mint sauce ingredients. has sourced an easy recipe so you can make the perfect homemade mint sauce just in time for your lamb roast on Easter Sunday.

How to make mint sauce for your lamb roast

Prep: 10 min

Makes 6 servings


1/4 cup loosely packed mint leaves, finely chopped

1/4 cup boiling water

2 tablespoons cider vinegar

2 tablespoons sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

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Place mint leaves in a small bowl.

Stir in water, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper until the sugar has dissolved.

Cover and let steep for 20 minutes

Serve immediately with lamb.

Can homemade mint sauce be kept or will it spoil?

Thankfully mint sauce can be kept, as long as it is covered or sealed and is then placed in the fridge.

Your mint sauce will keep for two weeks, so you can enjoy it a fair few times if you made too much in the first instance.

If you do not believe you can use this mint sauce in time, you can also freeze mint sauce, ideally using an ice cube tray, so you can get the exact amount you need each time.

Why is mint sauce served with lamb?

There are several theories why mint sauce is served with lamb.

One is that it disguised the taste of lamb during Medieval times when the meat tasted gamey.

Another theory is Queen Elizabeth I decreed lamb could only be served with bitter herbs (like mint) to curb people from eating it too much in an effort to help the wool industry.

Once sugar became more popular, mint sauce did not taste as bitter, which made it a perfect partner for lamb.

What can I do with leftover mint sauce?

Mint sauce can be delicious with other foods.

If you combine your sauce with cooked garden peas they will taste delicious as a side dish.

You can also turn mint sauce into a dip for foods such as chicken wings by combining it with some plain yoghurt.

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