Most Stuf Oreos Are Coming Back


First there was the Oreo, the revolutionary, creme-filled treat that changed how we looked at cookies and milk forever. Then came the Double Stuf Oreo, which increased the amount of delicious creme by 100 percent. Then there were Triple Double Oreos and Mega Stuf oreos, pushing the envelope even further. Now, things have re-reached their logical conclusion thanks to the return of an old favorite. 

According to snack hunting Instagram account @snackbetch, the limited-edition Most Stuf Oreo is coming back “this winter/ [this] new year” to once again stretch the limits of how much creme an oreo can contain. From the looks of this photo, these mind-bending Oreos are the kind of thing that you might have to unhinge your jaw to eat.

The Most Stuf Oreos are coming back this winter/new year!

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As that caption implies, this isn’t the first time that the Most Stuf Oreo, once described around these parts as “a reasonable thing for something that could be extremely unreasonable”, has been available to the general public. They were available for a limited time in early 2019, and the timing makes it sounds like these will be available about one year later. Maybe Nabisco thinks we can only handle this kind of creme-(over)filled cookie in the winter months when we’re basically in hibernation mode. 

What would be interesting to see is if the size of the “Stuf” remains consistent from year to year. Has Oreo accepted that however much creme made it into the previous edition of Most Stuf is indeed the limit? Or maybe, as Lindsay Lohan once said, the limit does not exist. Perhaps Oreo has found a way to push the envelope even further, moving the goalposts when it comes to how much is, in fact, the “Most” an Oreo can be Stuf’ed. Either way, I look forward to investigating this myself once this limited-edition cookie is back on store shelves. 



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