M&S cake jars are back with new Percy Pig flavour – customers left divided

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The single-serving cake jars now come in four flavours including Colin the Caterpillar, trillionaire’s flavour as well as a raspberry ripple. The latest addition to the line includes a Percy Pig cake jar, packed with M&S’ most popular sweet.

The Colin the Caterpillar cake jar consists of rich chocolate sponge, Belgian chocolate sauce, chocolate ganache, milk and white chocolate chips and is finished with a Colin the Caterpillar white chocolate face.

M&S’ Raspberry Ripple cake jar contains layers of sponge cake, sweet raspberry jam, creamy vanilla buttercream and freeze-dried raspberry pieces.

When they were launched back in April, the trillionaire’s cake jar also proved to be popular.

It consists of madeira sponge cake packed with salted caramel sauce, chocolate ganache, milk chocolate shortcake balls and fudge pieces.

At the time, Natalie Tate, Lead Product Developer for M&S cakes said: “These cake jars are absolutely delicious and perfect for picnics, lunches on the go – or pretty much whenever you need a sweet fix.

“Gone are the days of picking a cake to suit all tastes – you can now mix and match to suit everyone.

“Much like an indulgent ice cream tub – there is something about diving straight in with a spoon that makes the experience all the more delicious.”

The newest addition to the range has caused stir on social media.

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The Percy Pig Cake Jar is filled with layers of madeira sponge with a Percy Pig buttercream, raspberry jam and fruity raspberry jelly pieces.

Finished with a Percy Pig sweet and freeze-dried raspberry pieces, customers can pick up the cake jars from the cake aisle.

However, customers have been left divided over the cake jars ever since they launched due to the price of them.

The jars, which cost £4, are said to be reusable and fully recyclable but the price point left one customer “annoyed”.

They wrote on Twitter: “Super annoyed that M&S can just make these rip off cake jars and sell them like they’re an amazing invention.”

Another said: “I know it says it’s recyclable but let’s be honest, if you’re going on a picnic, it’s going straight in the bin.

“Too expensive for me M&S,” said a third.

Another customer explained: “Why are they essentially more expensive than buying a whole cake, more convenient I guess.”

However, some customers continue to love the cake jars with one shopper explaining: “This is going to make picnics so much easier, wow, they look so good.”

Another said: “I would love the Percy Pig one, single portion is good too.”

After selling over 700,000 cake jars, fans can pick up the new Percy Pig one in M&S stores right now.

In other news, Marks and Spencer recently rolled out its new waste reduction scheme to all stores across England.

It allows customers to pick up a bag of bananas for a discounted price.

Pippa Masters, Fruit Buyer at M&S said: “Bananas are among the most wasted product at supermarkets as customers typically like to buy spotless yellow bananas to ripen at home, so we’re excited to be extending our Go Bananas bags to more M&S stores, and further reduce food waste by offering bananas that are absolutely perfect for baking – and at great value.”

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