Mum finds fag ash in kid’s McDonalds box

Angry Gemma Kirk-Bonner, 35, said she was ‘disgusted’ by the grim discovery and that she was still waiting for an apology from the fast food giant.

The teaching assistant said the incident occurred last Wednesday (Oct 18), when she went to a McDonald’s outlet, in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

She bought two fish finger Happy Meals, costing £3.59 each, for her kids, Caleb, one, and Jackson, three, and then took them home for the pair to eat.

But Gemma said as she was feeding her little baby, she shockingly noticed a smoked cigarette and ash nestled among dozens of fries.

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Gemma said: “I gave my three-year-old his without looking. “Then I put my one-year-old in his high chair, and I was feeding him by hand. I was picking the fish fingers up for him.

“That’s when I noticed the ash and the cigarette in the box. It was disgusting. I was absolutely fuming. “If I’d given the box to my three-year-old, he would have tried to eat it. He wouldn’t have known it was different.

“I put on Facebook, ‘Forget the toy – now comes with cigarette end [and] ash for extra taste’ because I was fuming.”
Gemma said she later complained to the branch of MacDonalds, on Dalton Road, but said the manager had ‘rudely’ put the phone down on her.

And she now plans to boycott her usual Friday evening trips to the restaurant until the matter is properly addressed.
She added: “It has put me off. It’s made me think twice about going to McDonald’s.

“I normally take my sons on the Friday, but I won’t be doing it this time, that’s for sure. I’m in the process of complaining to McDonald’s head office.”

McDonald’s has been approached for comment.

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