'Official Football Stadium Food Tester' Is a Thing You Can Do Now

'Official Football Stadium Food Tester' Is a Thing You Can Do Now

Your inability to pass, catch, or tackle may have thwarted your chances at a career as a professional football player, but turns out your love of food could still land you an NFL opportunity. The sports betting advice site Pickswise is looking to hire an “Official Food Tester” for the 2019 season.

For the record, this is a “job” in the loosest of senses. The “pay” is “$500 prize money,” and along those lines, the “winner will be picked at random” – not the way CEOs or even assistant managers are typically selected. Still, additional compensation includes “tickets to a minimum of three to five NFL games” and an allowance to purchase one food item. Annoyingly, travel and accommodation expenses are not included – meaning depending on where you live, this gig could be more trouble than its worth. And speaking of trouble, there is work to be done.

“We want someone to go to games and eat the best signature dishes throughout the league to give us a verdict on which team does the best dishes and rating each one from every team to determine who is number one,” Pickswise writes. The winning candidate will be required to “rank the signature dishes and report back to Pickswise with their findings and may also be called upon to provide content for the Pickswise social media accounts.”

If you’re interested in entering, Pickswise says you should “Upload a picture of you at the game, or eating your favourite gameday food, on our social media pages (Twitter) and follow/like the pages – use the #NFLFoodTester when on Twitter.” Anyone 21 or over living in North America is eligible to enter between now and September 9. Pickswise says a winner will be chosen on September 13.

Frankly, as both contests and jobs are concerned, this one feels a little iffy. But then again, what do you expect from a site that recently suggested betting the over in a Vancouver Whitecaps versus Montreal Impact MLS soccer game? Still, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into and it sounds up your alley, why not? All it takes to enter is a photo on social media. Those are stakes you can probably afford.

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