Pizza lovers are using this simple trick to get more slices for less money

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It turns out that getting one large pizza might work out as more food than two smaller ones, despite this not appearing to be the case when looking at the width in inches. The simple maths hack could therefore mean getting more food for less money when you next order a pizza.

As reported in Birmingham Live, the maths means that one 18 inch pizza is better value than ordering two 12in ones.

A pizza lover and maths fan shared their realisation on Twitter, explaining the logic behind the trick.

They said: “An 18in pizza has 254 square inches of pizza while two 12in pizzas only have about 226 square inches.”

Despite this mathematical fact, a fellow social media user shared one drawback it.

They added: “Yeah, but the crust is arguably the best part and two 12in pizzas have 33.3% more crust than an 18in pizza.

“And now I’m hungry, thanks!”

However, the comment about the crust drew a response from another passionate pizza lover.

They said: “The two 12in pizzas together have 33% more crust, which everyone knows is just a tragic waste of bread.”

Another added: “The general principle is: faced with the choice of having one big pizza whose diameter is α times the diameter of the small ones, or β small ones- choose the big one if α>sqrt(β).

“In the private case above α=1.5>sqrt(β)≈1.41 => choose one big pizza.”

Even though the hack is a useful way to save money and get a larger meal, the largest pizza currently being sold by Domino’s is 13.5in – so to utilise the 18in trick you may need to go elsewhere.

Additional reporting by James Rodger.

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