Popular food King Charles hates – it’s completely unrelatable

King Charles has likely sampled some of the finest cuisine in the world but there are just some thing he simply does not like.

Graham Tinsley MBE, former manager of the Welsh Culinary Team, revealed that the royal was not fond of three very popular ingredients.

Chocolate is loved by pretty much everyone, but Charles is reportedly not a fan. In conversation with Hello! Graham said: “[King] Charles doesn’t like chocolate, he doesn’t like coffee, nor does he like garlic.

“So we do have to consider these things when we’re creating a menu for him.”

King Charles isn’t the only royal who stays away from garlic, with his wife Queen Camilla expressing a similar opinion.

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In conversation with You Magazine, Camilla shared which foods she simply “cannot bear”.

She said: “I can’t bear peppers, raw or cooked. I’m not a fan of offal either, aside from very good liver. And I avoid chilli and garlic too, unlike my son.”

But in another interview, Camilla suggested that her avoidance of garlic has less to do with its taste than with its smell.

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When Camilla appeared on MasterChef Australia, she was asked what ingredient she would not like to see on a tray at a royal reception.

She answered: “I hate to say this, but garlic. Garlic is a no-no.” She confirmed that you have to “lay off” of it when you’re meeting with lots of people.

While King Charles is not so fond of chocolate, coffee or garlic, there is one food that keeps the King coming back for more.

Graham Tinsley said: “The Prince requires a side salad for every meal – and this salad was very precise.”

King Charles is a big fan of a coddled egg (a boiled egg that has only been cooked for two to three minutes).

He continued: “Normally a soft-boiled egg takes around five minutes. So imagine this coddled egg… it’s going to be very, very soft.”

The King’s special salad comprises a coddled egg, peeled and hidden beneath a bed of salad leaves. He reportedly mashes it all together to make a mayonnaise-like consistemcy.

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