Price of Lurpak compared to supermarket verisons one year on

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Last year, the ever-increasing prices of household goods made headlines as costs soared on a whole range of items.

However, it was the soaring cost of butter that really caught people’s attention, with reports of staple brands like Lurpak reaching as much as £10 in some supermarkets. Now, one year on, not a lot has changed. 

Last year, a spokesperson for the Danish brand Lurpak said: “Prices on the shelves have had to rise in recent months. We understand that recent inflation in food price is hitting many households really hard right now. Unfortunately, our farmers are facing a similar situation with prices for the feed, fertiliser and fuel they need to produce milk, all rising significantly in recent months.

“While we don’t set the prices on the shelves, we do work closely with the retailers to ensure our farmers receive a fair price for the milk they produce.”

In July 2022, Lurpak was being sold for over £9 a tub in some supermarkets, reports Lancashire Live. Other supermarkets also saw a rise in costs, with packs of luxury butter retailing for around £5 for a 500g tub. 

Now, a year later and the latest statistics show that only three out of 30 items cost less in shops and supermarkets than they did 12 months ago. Some food essentials have jumped upin price by as much as 65 per cent in just a year while vegetable oil and pasta are now more than double the cost they were at the same time in 2022.

In a bid to understand just how much things have changed, Lancashire Live reporter, Alice Suffield, recently took a look at what people paid for butter in February 2022 and compared it to the current prices on the shelves.

Here’s the price difference nearly 12 months on:

Lurpak price

  • Feb 2022: £3.65
  • Jan 2023: £4.99
  • Increase: 36.7 %

Aldi Nordpak price

  • Feb 2022: £1.99
  • Jan 2023: £2.29
  • Increase: 15 %

Lidl Danpak

  • Feb 2022: £1.89
  • Jan 2023: £2.19
  • Increase: 15.8%

Morrisons Spreadable

  • Feb 2022: £2.20
  • Jan 2023: £2.49
  • Increase: 13.1%

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