PSA: KFC Is Selling a Pile of 70 Pieces of Popcorn Chicken


We may only be realizing it gradually, but long-term quarantining and sheltering in place will gradually rewire our brains to create new, unexpected impulses. For example, I doubt there was ever a time under normal circumstances where you’ve thought “I wish I had 70 pieces of KFC’s popcorn chicken right now.”

And yet, here we are. KFC will now sell anyone with $10 and the ability to place an order for takeout or (more likely) delivery a whole heap of their popcorn chicken, which is the closest thing there is to a Kentucky Fried nugget I suppose.

This heaping pile of spherical fried chicken is made from “100 percent solid white meat,” and is “extra crispy” (sounds like a great name for a website). Thankfully, this very dippable pile of chicken comes with a variety of options, including ranch, honey mustard, and buffalo sauce. Maybe go wild and ask for all of them just to see what you can get away with in a time like this.

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While 70 sounds like a weirdly specific number for a pile of popcorn chicken, offering the option to buy a bigger number at one go makes sense right now. A number of fast food chains are switching things up and pivoting towards a variety of family meal deals to help make it easier to feed a whole bunch of people on a tighter budget. This would seem to be no exception.

KFC’s offer is available at (participating, open) KFC locations nationwide, but you might want to make sure that they’ve got enough popcorn chicken on hand to feed your needs before pulling up to the drive-thru. Then, retreat to the privacy of your own home, where nobody can see you eat every last one of these in a single sitting.


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