Queen Camilla favours £3.50 ‘delicious’ treat to cool down during hot weather

Queen Camilla attended multiple engagements this week when the weather sometimes exceeded 30 degrees Celsius.

One way that the Queen will most likely want to cool down during the excessive heat is by eating ice cream.

Ever since she became a working member of the Royal Family, the Queen has loved eating ice cream and can be frequently seen eating the delicious treat in the summer months.

In particular, the Queen likes a classic Mr Whippy, which has drastically risen in cost over the last few years.

In some places, a Mr Whippy can set fans back £3.50, which is a lot more than the original 99p.

Back in 2018, Camilla was photographed with Judi Dench on the Isle of Wight eating a delicious vanilla ice cream cone.

The royal mother of two made an awkward faux pax while enjoying the summer delight and missed her mouth.

Even as she battled to consume the ice cream, the Queen was seen licking her fingers clean until Dame Judi brought her a tissue to wipe her mouth.

The ice creams were eaten by Camilla and Judi when they toured Osborne House, the former residence of Queen Victoria.

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The Queen later acknowledged that she actually wanted to take a swim in the pool on that hot summer’s day, as well as eat ice cream.

Queen Camilla said: “The temptation is great to have a quick dip like the Queen did.”

The year before in 2017, Charles and Camilla visited the market town of Dromore where they stopped at an ice cream stall outside Graham’s Ice Cream shop.

Camilla invited her husband over for a taste as she was enjoying a salted caramel ice cream flavour.

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Then-Prince Charles tasted the vanilla flavour and declared it to be “delicious”, despite not being known for loving the delicious treat as much as his wife.

King Charles and Queen Camilla were described by store owners David and Rosetta Linton as “amazing”.

They said at the time: “The Duchess loved our ice cream. We make it fresh every day.

“She is away with the tub. I believe she absolutely loves ice cream. I didn’t think she was going to leave,” Mrs Linton joked.

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