Replicate BBQ food in an air fryer with great tip to instantly add flavour

Nothing quite beats the rich, charred flavour of food cooked on an outdoor grill, whether it be a cut of meat or vegetable skewer.

In fact, it’s often the unique smoked taste alone that prompts Britons to enjoy a barbecue even when the weather is grey and drizzly.

But for those times when the British summertime gets the better of al-fresco dining plans, food experts at Getir have revealed the ultimate cooking hack for air fryer lovers.

They claimed that using one common vegetable can make any ingredient intended for a barbecue taste as good as it can be.

The Getir team suggested that all that’s required is a raw onion to coat the fryer of the appliance.

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A spokesperson said: “Before you start the air fryer grilling, a great trick is to cut an onion in half and rub it on the basket grates.

“This instantly adds a quick hit of seasoning and flavour to your food.

“Plus, the acidity and natural enzymes in onions prevent foods from sticking to the basket – making the clean up a whole lot easier.”

The simple hack takes just seconds and requires very little in the way of tools.

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Of course, seasoning and marinades are a staple for authentic BBQ food, and there are so many combinations that work equally as well in the air fryer.

While there is technically no need to use fats like oil or butter, a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper will form the base of most marinades.

The food experts then recommended adding smoky flavours like smoked paprika, barbecue sauce, cumin and smoked salts or spices.

They said: “Tossing your food in a little oil just before air frying will also help the seasonings adhere and combine to level up that crispy exterior.”

It’s not the only cooking hack that can be used to replicate the unique taste of ingredients cooked on a barbecue.

The Getir experts said: “Just as you let a BBQ heat up before placing any food on the grill, it’s crucial to preheat your air fryer, in the same manner, to maximise the crisping effect and replicate the high heat of a BBQ.

“Preheat your air fryer for three to five minutes between 175C and 200C which is the best temperature to cook most BBQ-style foods. This high heat will ensure a crispy outer sear and a juicy, tender inside.”

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