Starbucks drinkers rave about ’10 out of 10′ new menu addition

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Starbucks has introduced a new cosy way for fans of the high street coffee giant to greet the cold winter mornings as the company has reintroduced the fan-favourite Pistachio Latte as well as introduced a new surprise to their menu, the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew. People on social media have been excitedly reviewing the pistachio beverages as coffee lovers figure out if the creamy drink is worth buying.

The Pistachio Latte combines espresso, milk, and pistachio and is topped with buttery sprinkles, while the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew is sweetened with vanilla syrup, pistachio cream foam and also has the new buttery sprinkles.

Rosalyn Batingan, a spokesperson for Starbucks, has said that Pistachio is the “perfect flavour” in order to “carry us through the winter season”. She said: “Its smooth and sweet profile delivers a feeling of warmth and cosiness, even when served cold.”

Starbucks’ new release has made waves on social media, and people on TikTok have rushed to sample the brew as it is only on menus for a limited time.

TikToker Cam (_camreid) did a “taste test” for an iced Pistachio Latte and gave a positive review of the coffee. She said “I love anything pistachio-flavoured…so I was pretty excited to hear about this”

After she took a long drink, Cam said “Yep! Love it! Oh my God, I think it is my new favourite drink. The cold foam is ten out of ten, and usually, I’m not a huge latte person, but this is amazing”

In Cam’s comment section, one user said the product was a “ten out of ten” and many people said they were going to go out to try the product soon.

However, another TikToker called Yesenia (@yeshipolitoo) gave a more mixed review after she said she has heard a “lot of good things” about the winter coffee. While she said the Pistachio Latte was “good” she also said it “kind of took a turn”.

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get this next time u go to Starbucks bc it is 10/10

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Yesenia explained: “It’s very creamy and smooth, but I’m not really tasting pistachios and I’ve tried to stir it as much as I could. It’s good but I’m not really tasting the pistachio.”

In her comment section, one user said that they usually loved pistachio but “didn’t like the drink” as they said it tasted more like “butter pecan” than pistachios, which Yesenia replied and agreed with.

Jessica (@jessiecostantino) on TikTok describes herself as loving “cosy vibes only” and also gave a review for the Pistachio Latte. She declared that the Starbucks drink was “so good” and that her love for the drink is “getting out of control” as she has been ordering pistachio drinks every single day.

She said: “Starbucks has a new pistachio menu out, and I tried the cold brew with the cold foam and was obsessed. However, I haven’t tried the pistachio latte yet so I ordered that with almond milk with the pistachio foam on top because I’m just too obsessed and I can’t go without it.”

After she took a drink, Jessica said: “This order right here is it if you like pistachio, because this is even [better] than the regular cold brew, get this instead of the cold brew. They’re both delicious but this is pistachio top-level. It’s so good!”

In Jessica’s comment section, one commenter said they were also “obsessed” with the pistachio cold brew, and that usually they “would never get pistachio anything” Jessica replied she was “shook” by how good the beverage is as usually she does not like pistachios, so it appears to be a good product to try even if you are not a fan of the food.

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