Starbucks Launches At-Home Holiday Items


With Halloween still ahead of us, Pumpkin Spice Latte (and caramel apple) season at Starbucks is far from over. But you don’t get to be the biggest coffee chain in the world without building hype for your variety of seasonal products weeks (months?) before anyone would actually want them. 

Though you can’t yet get your hands on a juniper latte or any of the other in-store holiday beverages yet (they’ll be there, don’t worry), you can get a jump-start on your yuletide coffee drinking from the comfort of home. As of this very moment, Starbucks’ 2019 line of at-home holiday offerings is on store shelves, and it looks like there will be more peppermint/coffee treats than you can shake a candy cane at. 

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Yup, we’re pretty much talking all Peppermint Mocha everything. A staple of Starbucks’ winter holiday menu, this sweet, seasonal latte is on sale in pretty much every form imaginable. If you don’t have the patience to make a proper cup, you can get Peppermint Mocha K-Cups for your Keurig and instant coffee packets. If even that’s too slow for you (or you’re into colder coffee), there’s ready-to-drink iced espresso bottles and a massive 40-ounce jug of the stuff to pour straight down your gullet. 

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic Holiday Blend, either. That’s available in a big ol’ pack of K-Cups. But more interestingly, you can also get your hands on some Holiday Spice Cold Brew instant packs, which can create enough cold brew to (theoretically) last a week once you drop it in and let it steep in a pitcher of water for 24 hours. Taking care of your coffee needs has never been easier. 

Oh, and did we mention that there’s food? Because there are tins of holiday cookie straws, which you can use as a sustainable way to sip that Holiday Spice Cold Brew. But nobody will judge you if you enjoy them as a standalone snack. 

So if you need to get a head start on spreading some caffeine-laced holiday cheer or you just want to take care of some stocking stuffers roughly two months before Christmas, consider getting ahold of this stuff. That should at least tide you over until Starbucks drops the in-store version of its holiday treats. 

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