Stop garlic sprouting to keep it fresher for longer by avoiding storage mistake

Food poisoning: Expert gives advice on safe food storage

Garlic is a super versatile food perfect to have stored in your kitchen for whatever you cook up for dinner – but are you making a huge mistake with it?

Its robust flavour is especially perfect for the upcoming autumn nights when lots of people will be making hearty meals such as stews 

However, as an allium vegetable, it is very easy for garlic to begin spouting if not stored correctly, which will cause it to taste bitter, turn green or yellow and begin to go mouldy,  

Most people store garlic in their fridge, on their kitchen countertops or on a kitchen shelf, but this will cause garlic to sprout much quicker, meaning you will have wasted both food and money.

However, food expert Jenny Merry as explained that garlic being exposed to several factors will cause it to spoil, and has given advice on the best place to store garlic on social media. 

In a video, Jenny said: “If your garlic is sprouting, it probably means that it is experiencing too much light, too much heat and too much moisture. Or, there isn’t enough air circulating around the garlic.” 

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Where to store garlic 

When properly stored, whole garlic bulbs should last up to six months as long as they have not been chopped up, while separated garlic gloves will last for up to three weeks. 

Garlic needs to be stored in a place where it will not be exposed to light, water or extreme temperatures, as the ideal temperature for garlic is around 15 to 18 Celcius. 

In order to preserve garlic, store it in a cool, dark and dry place, such as a kitchen cupboard or a cellar. Garlic should also never be stored inside a plastic container or inside anything with a lid as this vegetable also needs plenty of air circulation, so is best preserved in a basket. 

Jenny said: “I like to keep [garlic] in a wire basket that I store under the cabinet. It’s cool in there and dark, and there’s good air circulation. 

“If you don’t want to spend money or don’t have a basket, or you don’t have something to store it in, then just keep it under the counter or keep it in a cool dark place and it will stay better longer.” 

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If you have leftover garlic cloves that have been peeled then keeping it in the fridge in a sealed bag or container is the best approach to keep them fresh for longer as it will prevent it from drying out quickly.

Chopped-up garlic should be used as soon as possible as will begin to discolour and spoil quickly. Keeping chopped garlic in a small jar or airtight bag will help it last up to three days. 

It should also be noted that chopped-up garlic should never be stored with oil, as it can easily become contaminated. 

In Jenny’s video comment section, many people thanked her for her easy food storage advice. One user said: “Oh my God, I never knew!” while another person wrote: “Awesome, thank you so much for the video!”

Someone else wrote: “Wow, fresh garlic is dramatically better! I think of you every time I’m chopping [garlic] up, thanks for the advice! No more jarred garlic EVER!”  

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