Store avocadoes next to two types of fruit to ‘help it ripen quicker’

Food poisoning: Expert gives advice on safe food storage

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As food prices continue to rise, Britons are finding ways to make the most of their grocery shop. In order to save money and avoid food waste, it is worth attempting to store your produce correctly to make it last longer.

In the Channel Five show Secrets of Your Supermarket Shop, a plant psychologist shared her top tips on how to make fruit and vegetables last longer.

Britons throw away 4.5 million tonnes of fruit and veg annually – mostly because the produce become stale quickly.

This would cost the average household around £100 a month, according to Secrets of Your Supermarket Shop.

So, what are the secrets to storing and ripening supermarket fruit?

Plant psychologist Debbie Rees explained that understanding how and when fruit ripen is “crucial”.

Different fruit ripen at different times, and even different fruit varieties ripen at different times.

Some varieties of apple can last almost a year, Debbie said.

The expert went on to explain the best storing tips for each popular fruit.

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Debbie advised: “Put an avocado near a banana to help it ripen quicker.”

This handy trick is possible because bananas produce ethylene, which is what avocadoes need to ripen.

Apples can also be used instead of bananas as they produce the same chemical.


One bad apple can affect the others, so removing any rotten produce from a bag or box is important.

This is the same with other fruit too, and so it is worth keeping an eye out on any rotting part.


When pears get to your preferred texture for eating, it is worth putting them straight in the fridge, Debbie said.


With bananas, “it is best to go for greener ones and allow them to ripen at home”, Debbie explained.


Berries need to be put in the fridge immediately after being bought.

Debbie warned: “Do not wash them before you’re ready to eat them.”

This is because water can attract fungal growth, turning the berries mouldy quicker.

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