The Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Your Mom Actually Wants

Mother's Day Gift Basket

Normally, I have no idea what I want for Mother’s Day. Just a fun day together is plenty, blah blah blah. But this year, holy hell. This year. 

Gone are the adorable kid crafts, which are arguably a really great payoff for sleepless nights. Having spent 54 days straight (so far!) in my home, I’m acutely aware of how much stuff we have in this house, so please, no more anything. Mugs, jammies, kitchen stuff, nothing. In fact, please take 10 items from this room with you when you go. 

So when I realized that I could order myself (and others!) basically a happy hour in a box, I realized I’d hit the jackpot. Every mom right now is craving an hour of happy, just one hour of no decision making, meal planning, or cruise ship directing, and this box guarantees that. You can choose from fruit and snack boxes, towers of tiny boxes featuring equally tiny Champagne bottles, a breakfast & Champagne kit, and literally dozens of other options. 

Gourmet Mother's Day Gift Basket

So, for this year, while many of us can’t be with our moms, while we can’t see our mom friends, and while we can’t really take ourselves anywhere, this is what we want: a little escape that shows up in a box, perfectly portioned, and ready to be festive. 

Order for your mom, or a mom in your life. And if you realize that your gift is running late, blame the over-burdened mail system. Your mom will believe you; we take our happy hours whenever we can find them.

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