The Most Exciting New Groceries to Hit Shelves This September

September is a busy month. Kids are officially back in school, vacations are over, and our schedules are, once again, packed. Maybe that’s why many of the new products hitting stores this month are made with convenience in mind? From frozen breakfasts for toddlers to rich simmer sauces ready in no time, I found a bunch of delicious, pretty healthful, and easy-peasy groceries that can make life a little easier.

These are some of the best groceries to hit supermarket shelves this September.

1. Chosen Foods Simmer Sauces, $7.50 for 12 ounces

Chosen Foods is known for cooking oils, mayo, and salad dressings made with avocado oil, and this month, they’ve launched a line of super-flavorful simmer sauces. The bright and warmly spiced Muhammara features fire-roasted tomatoes, Aleppo pepper, and pomegranate molasses, while the Guajillo Pasilla Chili is packed with a boatload of earthy dried chiles. Its deep, rich flavor with a slightly bitter edge goes incredibly well with all kinds of meats, and the Muhammara was phenomenal in a greens and grain bowl. I love using high-quality simmer sauces like these to get things like curries and tacos on the table fast, and I’ll definitely be seeking these out again.

Available at Whole Foods

2. Deep Indian Kitchen Frozen Meals, from $3.50

I’m not too proud to nuke a frozen meal when time is short and hunger strikes, but it’s got to be good. And these frozen Indian foods aren’t just good, they’re fantastic. The naan is bursting with garlic and parsley, without being bitter like some garlic naan can be. The Tikka Masala with cumin rice was truly as good as any of my favorite Indian buffets. And the Pea and Potato Samosas baked up deliciously crispy and came with a bright mint-cilantro chutney for dipping. The flavors were fresh and vibrant and truly tasted restaurant-worthy. When I found out the brand started as the Deep Indian Kitchen restaurants around NYC, it all made sense.  Having a freezer full of these is like having great Indian takeout always on hand. Plus, the company’s Deepkiran Foundation helps bring education to rural communities in India. 

Available at Whole Foods, Albertsons/Safeway, Publix, and Kroger

3. Cacique Queso Dips and Fully Cooked Chorizos, from $4.50

I think of Cacique as the brand that makes the luscious Mexican crema and crumbly queso fresco I love to put on my burrito bowls and tacos. And this month it’s rolling out two categories of products that will make whipping up those weeknight go-tos even easier. The fully cooked chorizos just need a quick zap in the microwave or just a few minutes to reheat on the stove and they’re good to go. They have the same rich flavor as the usual tubes of Mexican chorizo but they’re less greasy and heavy and don’t need to be cooked as long. The plain version is the most versatile and would even be awesome sprinkled on nachos, while the egg, and the bacon and potato are ideal for breakfast burritos. As for the queso dips? They’re downright delicious. I have a deep love of silky, spicy, creamy, molten queso and these dips did not disappoint, especially the jalapeño and chipotle flavors. 

Available at Sprouts, Albertsons, Safeway, Hy-Vee, and Lowes Foods

4. Yummy Spoonfuls Frozen Burritos and Pancakes, $5 for two burritos or 40 mini pancakes

My tween and teen are long past the toddler stage, but I still clearly remember the daily cycle of hope and despair that accompanied our mealtimes during those fraught years. Even though there’s no guarantee your kid will like these frozen burritos and silver-dollar pancakes from Yummy Spoonfuls, there’s a good chance they will because they really are actually yummy. The products are made with organic ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The tiny pancakes are soft, tender and naturally sweetened with apple or banana, plus they’re made with sprouted whole wheat, flax seeds, and chia seeds. Meanwhile, the tasty little burritos come in three varieties: egg, cheese, and cauliflower; turkey, cheese, and brown rice; or grass-fed beef, cheese, and pinto beans. I asked the 3-year-old food critic down the street to give them a try and she happily ate them without complaint. And even though they’re aimed at little ones, my 12-year-old loves them too. 

Available at Walmart

5. Country Crock Plant Butter, $3.50 for four 4-ounce sticks 

Country Crock just released three varieties of dairy-free, plant-based butters made with either olive oil, avocado oil, or almond oil. As a big-time baker and butter-lover, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about them. When I finally gave them a try, I was pleasantly surprised to find they really do taste like salted butter! The olive oil and avocado versions have a slightly savory edge when tasted on their own, while the almond oil has a more neutral, slightly sweeter flavor. Do they have the fresh cream taste of the amazing butter you get at fancy restaurants? No, but they can totally stand-in for supermarket butter on your toast or even in baked goods (they’re quite salty, though, so adjust your recipes accordingly). I used the olive oil sticks in chocolate chip cookies and they performed just like butter. The butters are similar in calories and fat to regular butter, though they’re slightly lower in saturated fat and have no cholesterol. Keep in mind they’re not solely made of those three healthy oils, they’re also made with canola, palm kernel, and palm oil. (If you’re concerned about where the palm oil comes from, the company says it’s “sourcing 100% of our palm oil from physically certified sources and ensuring that the palm oil in our supply chain is traceable.”)

Available at Kroger and other grocery stores nationwide

6. Peckish Snacks, $4 for two eggs and one dip

It’s tough to beat hard-boiled eggs when it comes to quick, healthy, high-protein snacks. But they can get a little boring after a while. These Peckish Packs (perhaps you’ve seen them on Instagram?) shake things up by adding a crunchy flavor-packed dip. Plus the eggs are already peeled, so there’s no mess. New to the lineup this month is Roasted Pepita Ranch, which is gluten-free and suitable for keto, Paleo, and Whole30 diets. Each pack of two peeled organic, free-range eggs and a dip offers 11 to 14 grams of protein. 

Available at Whole Foods, Erewhon Market, Fresh Thyme, Molly Stones, and Fresh Market

7. My/Mo Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie à la Mode Mochi Ice Cream, $6 for six 1.5-ounce pieces

If you ask me, the only thing better than ice cream is ice cream covered in chewy mochi. But the flavors we see in U.S. supermarkets are usually the same five no matter what the brand. This month, though, My/Mo launched two very autumnal options: Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie à la Mode. If you’ve had pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie ice cream, you know what the first one tastes like. But the apple pie flavor is really more like cinnamon-vanilla. What makes it really special is the little dollop of apple pie filling in the middle. They’re both delicious little treats perfect for this time of year, and a fun departure from the usual varieties. 

Available at Target

8. Smashmallow Raspberry or Cold Brew Dipped  Marshmallows, $5 for 4.5 ounces

If you’re not a fan of marshmallows, just skip this one. But if you, like me, love those chewy, airy, pillows of sweetness you’ll love these “snackable marshmallows.” They come in squares two-bites big and flavored with sweet raspberry or earthy coffee, then dipped in a thin layer of chocolate that’s Rainforest Alliance Certified. I particularly like the mocha flavor of the Cold Brew coffee version, but the fruity raspberry is a great pick-me-up too. 

Available at Target

9. Chameleon Cold Brew Pumpkin Spice and Gingersnap Oat Milk Lattes, $7 for 46 ounces

You don’t have to wait in line at a coffee shop to get your pumpkin spice fix. Chameleon Cold Brew just added both Pumpkin Spice and Gingersnap flavors to its bottled oat milk latte lineup. The creamy drinks are dairy free and not too sweet, with tons of fall baking spice flavor and aroma. The molasses-y Gingersnap smells like fresh-baked cookies, but has an earthier flavor and slightly more bitter edge than the nutmeg-y Pumpkin Spice, which is a bit more subtle and sweet. 

Available at Target and Whole Foods.

10. Happi Foodi Pork Carnitas & Yucca Fries, $10 for 30 ounces

What’s easier than a sheet pan meal? A frozen sheet pan meal that comes in a bag. Just dump this bag of pork carnitas out on a sheet pan and bake everything for 35 minutes or so. The pork comes out nice and tender and the yucca fries crisp up nicely. I also really liked the brand’s Cauliflower Wings with Honey Sriracha Sauce ($5). In fact, they were so good, I got too caught up while eating them and I forgot to take a photo!

Available at Walmart

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