These $15 Loaf Pans Will Transform Your Air Fryer Into a Bread Machine

Air fryers may be best known for helping cooks prepare healthier versions of their favorite fried foods, like homemade mozzarella sticks and crispy chicken tenders, but there’s so much more your little machine can do. Case in point: these mini loaf pans.

With these petite air fryer loaf pans from Williams Sonoma, you can easily bake bread in as little as 30 minutes. The cookware pieces are ideal for making all kinds of bread—including crowd-pleasing banana, zucchini spice, and no-knead sandwich bread—as well as non-bread items like meatloaf, lasagna, brownies, and cakes. What’s more, you can also use the silicone pans in the oven, microwave, and Instant Pot!

Williams Sonoma: Air Fryer Loaf Pan

To buy: $15;

The set comes with two flexible, dishwasher and freezer-safe bread pans, which are heat resistant up to 600 degrees. The containers are about 3-by-2.5 inches, ensuring they’ll fit into most air fryers and pressure cooker appliances. And beyond bread, you can also use them to make ice cream, fudge, quiches, and even pot pie. 

With the right tools, there are even more creative ways to embrace the air fryer. Williams Sonoma also sells a slew of helpful (and affordable) tools for making air fryer donuts, meatballs, muffins, frittatas, and so much more. Cooks and bakers who want it all can invest in the retailer’s Air Fryer accessories set, which comes with two loaf pans in addition to an air fryer grill tray, skewer set, egg cups, and bitelet pans. 

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Whether you’re hoping to cut back the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, incorporate healthier foods in your meals, or try your hand at everyone’s new favorite quarantine hobby (bread baking!), your air fryer and these versatile pans will help you do it all. 

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