These 5-Blade Scissors Are the Solution to Tedious Herb Chopping

Jenaluca Herb Scissors

Herbs can often be the defining taste to any great dish. Guacamole wouldn’t be the same without chopped cilantro, margherita pizzas wouldn’t be as flavorful without basil, and roasted potatoes, when garnished with rosemary, might just be the ultimate side dish to any good roast chicken. Since having to hand-chop herbs for all these favorites can be a tedious task, we went looking for a solution and found Jenaluca's herb scissors, which Amazon shoppers swear will make chopping herbs simpler than ever. 

Because the stainless steel scissors have five blades, each snip replaces 10 chops by a knife. The sharpness of the blades ensure that they won’t bruise the leaves, allowing you to later control just how much flavor you want to extract from your herbs. Each pair also comes with a cover comb, used to both protect the scissors as well as to brush off any remaining herbs that are stuck between the blades—making it perfect for cutting fine herbs such as dill, thyme, rosemary, and chives. 

Amazon shoppers have been raving about these herb scissors. “I grow my own basil and parsley and these scissors are a game-changer,” said one reviewer. Another added: “This is a must-have for every kitchen.” 

A third shopper said, “I grow an herb garden every year and never enjoyed using them because it was a hassle trying to cut them up. This tool works beautifully and is kind of fun to use! When finished I run it under the faucet, and if anything doesn't wash out, the end of the cover successfully finishes the job.”

With nearly 1,300 glowing 5-star reviews out of 1,563, this tool is certainly a customer favorite. Jenaluca’s incredibly convenient herb scissors are one of the most useful tools to have in the kitchen for making mess-free meals, and at only $15, they’re a bargain for home chefs. 

Jenaluca Herb Scissors

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