These Cutting Boards Sold Out 5 Times, but They’re Back in Stock Now

Material Cutting Boards: Hero

When a cutting board sells out three days after its launch and five more times over the course of the year, we take note. That’s why we have our eyes on the kitchenware brand Material and its best-selling signature cutting board.

Dubbed The reBoard, the sustainable cutting board is made of recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane. To create this eco-friendly kitchen essential free of any virgin plastic, Material collects plastic scraps from kitchenware manufacturing and breaks them down. Combined with durable sugarcane, the waste-free materials make a functional and stylish cutting board you’ll want in your kitchen. It also happens to be dishwasher-safe. What more could you ask for?

Material Cutting Boards: Teal

To buy: $35;

After the initial success of the brand’s 14-by-10-inch cutting board, customers wanted more. Demand for a smaller size led to the recent launch of the (mini) reBoard, which is made of the same sustainable materials as the original. The 13-by-8-inch board is ideal for petite kitchens that lack counter space and doubles as a colorful serving platter.

Material Cutting Boards: Purple

To buy: $25;

It’s clear that shoppers love Material’s cutting boards. Not only do they continuously sell out, but they’ve also racked up plenty of rave reviews online. People note that the boards are a great compromise between heavy wooden cutting boards and flimsy lightweight ones. 

“The reBoard is the perfect combination. It is easy to use, not heavy, and well made!” according to one customer.

“I am in love with this cutting board,” another said. “It is the perfect texture. The surface doesn’t show cut marks and is pretty enough to sit out on the counter. The weight is just right.”

The original cutting board comes in four modern colors, including tide blue and coral orange,  while the mini version is available in midnight purple, pink salt, and moss green. You can purchase both sizes alone or in a set starting at just $25.

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