This Gadget Is the Easiest Way to Peel Kernels From a Corn Cob

Fresh corn is one of the wonders of summertime. It's so sweet and delicious, particularly when you get it right from the farm, that you barely need anything at all to enjoy it. It's great eaten right off the cob, but there are applications, like salads, where you want to remove the kernels for optimal distribution.

Removing kernels from a corn cob has always been one of those kitchen tasks that I find disproportionately annoying, like lining a pan with parchment. It's not more onerous than cutting anything else, but it's just one of those stumbling blocks I've developed. Plus, when you balance a corn cob on its end and slice off the kernels, you're always likely to have a few patches with the kernels barely nicked, and that's no good.

Cooking dinner shouldn't be complicated

If you find this task as cumbersome as I do, there's a solution, courtesy of OXO. They have a whole peeler set with various blades to tackle different peeling tools, like a bigger one for vegetable sheeting and a serrated one for peeling things with trickier skins to get a grip on, like peaches. But the thing that caught my eye was a Y-peeler that's made specifically for the grunt work of taking kernels off a corn cob. That's right: a corn peeler.

Is this a very specific kitchen device, along the lines of a strawberry huller and a cherry pitter? It is. Do you need one if you have a sharp chef's knife? Nope. But if you love corn and hate peeling it, it's a very useful tool to have in your arsenal. The back serrated blade cleverly grips the base of the kernels and lets you just slide the peeler down the cob, whether the cob is flat on a cutting board or stood up on one end. The grip is cushioned, making it comfortable to use even if you're going through a lot of corn. And what's more, the corn peeler only costs $7, so you could buy an extra one for a corn-loving friend. 

Now that corn season is upon us, it's worth looking at this smart little gadget for all your corn-peeling needs. 

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