‘This is amazing!’ Cadbury brings popular chocolate item to UK before Christmas

Cadbury: How their classic Dairy Milk chocolate is made

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According to fans, the item has never before been sold in the UK. Cadbury often updates its range, launching new products to satisfy customers’ demands and desires.

Christmas is one of the most popular periods of the year to buy and eat chocolate.

It is no surprise therefore that one of the biggest chocolate brands in the UK has introduced a brand-new chocolate product to supermarkets’ shelves.

Cadbury has launched a chocolate orange yule log, just in time for Christmas.

The product is already available to buy in food retailers across the country, according to fans.

Popular food blog New Foods UK shared a picture of the new yule log this week and the post was inundated with comments within minutes.

In its post, New Foods UK said: “New Cadbury Chocolate Orange Yule Log!

We absolutely love the original Cadbury Yule Log, so we just had to try this!

“This didn’t disappoint – the chocolate orange flavour is spot on!”

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The people behind the food blog had purchased their yule log from Morrisons, but commenters shared other supermarkets the product is available from.

Chocolate fans expressed their delight in the comments, with many saying they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new item.

The post garnered more than a thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

Sally Morse wrote: “Asda have it in stock too.”

Tiffany Paige Hawkins added: “This is amazing, bought it from Asda a few weeks ago.”

Donna Garlick commented: “How yummy!”

Victoria Ingham said: “This looks worthy of a sample.”

Kerry Statham wrote: “Bought one last week at our caravan and cut it up with a lovely cup of tea. Beautiful.”

Kimberley Gibson simply wrote: “Yummy.”

Dawn Hirons said: “Def need to try this.”

However, some commenters were not as impressed with the new chocolate orange yule log as others.

William Quick wrote: “No thanks, yuk!”

Cath Cook added: “No, wrong.”

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