This Is the Jelly Bean Flavor Americans Love Most

Candy lovers are in for a sweet Easter this year, especially because there’s another holiday taking place immediately after Easter Sunday—National Jelly Bean Day, which happens to fall on April 22 this year. To celebrate the occasion, a team of researchers at parsed through sales data and survey results to find out which jelly bean flavor is the most popular in the United States. To our surprise, the jelly bean Americans love most is actually a savory one, and the food it’s inspired by can be found at your local movie theater on any given day.

For a second year in a row, the salty, buttery taste of popcorn is America’s favorite jelly bean flavor, according to more than 11 years of sales data and more than 12,000 surveys sent out to candy lovers across the nation. The team’s research allowed them to compile a list of the top 21 flavors across the nation, but it does note that “the results are not specific to any one brand of jelly bean” (you can view the full list here).

Other favorites among the top 10 include cherry, watermelon, black licorice, green apple, orange, toasted marshmallow, and cinnamon, which came in just behind buttered popcorn as the second most popular flavor in the U.S. In case you’re hoping to keep your finger on the pulse of candy trends, new rising stars among the top flavors this year include cotton candy and root beer.

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If you’re interested to see which jelly bean is the most popular in your state, researchers broke up their results across a map, too. In New York, sour flavored beans were the favorite, whereas fresh green apple earned top marks in Maine, and in Michigan and Alaska, black licorice-flavored jelly beans reign supreme.

No matter where you live, jelly beans are a mainstay at Easter time, and would make great party favors for any of your guests—you can even incorporate them into your Easter tablescape. Feel free to add any of these flavors in baskets alongside baked goods and chocolates from the Easter bunny—and, if you think about it, a savory element (like buttered popcorn!) alongside candies and chocolate sounds downright delicious.

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