This New Canned Sparkling Wine Is Peak Summer '19

Mark my words: In the future, 2019 is going to be known as “The Year of the Canned Wine.” Seriously—if it ain’t in a can, it ain’t cool.  

Shamps, a sparkling wine with a classy-looking label, is the latest brand to hop on the trend.

It’s launching next month, but here’s what we know so far: Shamps is light, bubbly, and living its best life on Instagram.

I mean, would you just look at this feed aesthetic?

From beach vacays …

What every beach day should look like! Cup-holder perfection ?? Counting down the days till these summer views☀️ #DrinkLikeAShampion

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… to pumping iron at the gym …

Canned Wine Curls are totally a workout right?! If not, they should be! #DrinkLikeAShampion

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… to cooking with Chrissy, this can has a better online presence than I ever will.

Mid-week cooking vibes. Pairing our wine with some (mac &) cheese! #DrinkLikeAShampion

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According to its website, Shamps was created by sparkling wine lovers in New York City who wished their favorite drink could be more accessible.

“The traditional flute and bulky glass bottle was incredibly limiting, so we crushed the standard for sparkling wine,” the website states. “Now any day ‘can’ be a special occasion! We invite you to pop tabs, not corks and #DrinkLikeAShampion.”

Each can has 110 calories and 5 percent ABV. Distribution will launch next month in the Northeastern U.S.—check here for availability. 

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