This Rum Company Will Pay You to Replace Your Furniture With a Hammock

Brugal Rum Hammock

Picture a hammock. Where do you see it? Probably betwixt palm trees, suspended above the white sands of an island resort. Maybe in the backyard of a spacious suburban property, where dad can kick off his Air Monarchs and unwind after an intense lawn-mowing session. Either way, I would guess that there are very few hammocks currently hanging in apartment living rooms. 

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Well, 1888 Rum wants to change that—at least for one lucky person willing to chill really hard. In honor of National Rum Day (which, for my money, sounds like one of the more legit “food holidays”), Brugal Rum will be giving a 21+ resident of California, Florida, or New York the chance to essentially replace everything in your current living room with a hammock. Why? Because it’s apparently the optimal piece of furniture for drinking rum cocktails. Oh, and they’ll throw in $325 to cover the removal of your current furniture, plus $1,888 cash.

Entrants will also have to follow @BrugalUSA in Instagram, comment on the above post mentioning what kind of 1888 Rum cocktail you’d drink in your hammock, and tag whichever friend who you’d presumably invite over to fan you while you drank it.

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This isn’t any old hammock, either. It’s constructed from wood designed to replicate the bourbon and sherry casks 1888 uses to double-age its rum, lending it a “lingering sherry scent” according to a press release. Even better, the hammock comes with a cupholder capable of fitting a rocks glass, so you won’t spill your drink if you get too relaxed and doze off to sleep. 

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. So if you want to throw away most of your material possessions and live like Matthew McCaughnahey’s character in The Beach Bum, the contest rules say you should submit that comment before midnight on August 23rd. May the laziest rum drinker win.

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