This Space-Saving Hack Can Double Your Refrigerator Storage

Fcozm’s retractable drawer organizers

A messy refrigerator makes one of life’s greatest joys (eating) so much less joyful. Not to mention, it makes cooking even more of a chore—who wants to meal prep when it takes an hour to find the ingredients? Don’t blame yourself. It’s not like there are a ton of different refrigerator storage options to choose from. Usually, what you get from the refrigerator itself is what you’re left with, which often means cramped drawers and overpopulated shelves become the norm. 

If the inside of your fridge currently looks like a crime scene, we have some good news: Amazon shoppers have found a handy $15 solution that’ll maximize your refrigerator storage space. Fcozm’s retractable drawer organizers easily hook onto fridge shelves to float in the open space that’s often left underutilized.The three different-sized drawers—one 5-inch, one 6-inch, and one 8-inch—are basically like hanging storage units. So instead of resting on the refrigerator’s surfaces, these cubbies allow you to store more food without wasting any precious space.

Perfect for housing veggies, fruits, and other snacks, these ventilated bins can keep perishables fresher for longer than the refrigerator’s built-in plastic drawers. What’s more, they’re easy to attach or remove from shelves, meaning you can use them to organize odds and ends anywhere else in the house—including pantries, closets, and bathrooms. If you’re using the bins to store fresh fruit, for example, you can take one from the fridge to the sink, rinse your fruit, and reattach it to the refrigerator shelf with ease.

Many shoppers love the bins and say they’re very useful for keeping refrigerators more organized. “These are perfect for organizing my messy fridge. Now everything has its place making things easy to find and no more scary science projects growing in the back,” said one reviewer. “Love these bins they are sturdy and a breeze to keep clean. Just wish I’d found them sooner.” 

Another customer called them “convenient and practical” and said they’re “really easy to use, instantly improves the capacity of the refrigerator, and saves the spare space.”

Even better? You’ll get three drawers—one in pale pink, one in baby blue, and one in white—for just $15 on Amazon. Make your fridge a safe space again with this budget-friendly and easy-to-use storage solution.

Fcozm’s retractable drawer organizers product

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