Turkey Christmas recipe: How to cook moist meat – ‘spend as much as you can’

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Turkey can be a dry meat, thanks to its low fat content. However, there are ways to make your bird as juicy as possible.

Ben Ebbrell, co-founder of SORTEDfood, gave his input. He told Express.co.uk readers splashing out on the bird is key.

Ben told Express.co.uk: “Moist turkey starts with a great quality bird.

“We suggest you spend as much as you can on a free-range turkey, then save money on the sides.”

How exactly do you pick a great quality turkey for your Christmas table?

A fresh turkey, one that hasn’t been frozen, is usually recommended for the best quality meat.

However, quality here can very. Some fresh birds may have been sitting around for a long time before they get to you, while frozen birds have been frozen on the day of slaughter.

Generally, buying a turkey from a local butcher with good connections to local farms is the best way to get a fresh, delicious turkey.

As for picking the actually turkey itself, there are telltale signs of a bad quality bird.

The dome of the bird should be well rounded, without any dents or flat spots.

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It is advisable to buy just enough as you need to feed your party.

A larger turkey will be more difficult to thaw and roast evenly.

When it comes to roasting the turkey, Ben recommends: “Roast your bird on top of a layer of chopped up vegetables and herbs.

“This will form the base of your gravy as it slowly cooks and mixes with the delicious juices in the oven.”

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Ben also disclosed his “perfect” roast potatoes recipe for a crispy finish. 

He claimed duck fat is one of the key ingredients for a tasty and crunchy side.

The chef chooses a certain kind of potato for his roasties.

“Perfect roasties rely on tasty fat and potato variety,” he told Express.co.uk readers.

“We roast King Edwards in plenty of duck fat for great-tasting, crispy potatoes.”

Ben suggests getting your potatoes part ready the day before you cook them.

He suggests boiling them and fluffing them up the next day, then leaving them in the fridge overnight.

This helps in enhance the crisp even further, Ben said.

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