Urban Outfitters’ Home Sale Is Full of Quirky Kitchen Finds Under $40

Urban Outfitters, aside from being a go-to retailer for boho style, is also secretly a great place to find budget-friendly and quirky kitchen accessories. And for a limited time, you can score up to 40 percent off hundreds of items in the home section, including everything you could ever want to complete your kitchen. The sale is full of whimsical mugs, specialty appliances we didn’t know we needed, and totally functional dishware sets. We rounded up our favorite finds that will become indispensable in your kitchen ⁠— and the best part is that it’s all under $40.

1. Rockaway 12-Piece Dining Set

If you’re looking for a complete set of dishes to replace mismatched pieces, the stoneware Rockaway set offers service for four, including dinner plates, dessert plates, and bowls. This clean and classic set, available in three colors, is dishwasher- and microwave-safe for easy handling.

Buy: Rockaway 12-Piece Dining Set, $39 (normally $69)

2. Glass Storage Bowls (Set of 3)

Store your leftovers in style with this trio of borosilicate glass bowls, complete with (removable) cork frames and silicone lids. The set is also convenient for cooking and serving, so even if you have a small kitchen, these bowls will surely earn their keep.

Buy: Glass Storage Bowls (Set of 3), $32 (normally $40)

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3. Crafty Kitty Speckled Mug

Morning coffee will be just a little bit more special with a purrfect mug featuring painted kitten detailing and shaped ears. This is definitely a mug you’ll want to display when not in use.

Buy: Crafty Kitty Speckled Mug, $10 (normally $14)

4. Ivy Lunch Set

No more sad brown bag lunch for you. Your officemates will be very impressed by your lunch setup with this handled ceramic bowl with a lid that doubles as a plate and comes with a bamboo spork. It’s available in three patterns and is dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven-safe.

Buy: Ivy Lunch Set, $12 (normally $18)

5. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Recreate a favorite brunch classic at home and on your own time. This mini waffle maker creates a perfect-sized fluffy waffle every time with its nonstick surface. Switch up your recipes with an included recipe guide to get you started, or browse Kitchn for ideas. Cake batter waffles, anyone?

Buy: Dash Mini Waffle Maker, $14 (normally $18)

6. Allover Fruit Glass (Set of 2)

Brighten up your breakfast table with these colorful 10-ounce glasses featuring a cutesy, vintage-inspired allover fruit pattern. They’re pretty small, but make for a nice addition to a bar cart or open-shelving situation.

Buy: Allover Fruit Glass (set of 2), $12 (normally $16)

7. Bodum Ceylon Infusion Jug

The popularity of infused beverages only continues to rise. Craft your favorite concoctions in bulk with this infusion jug from Bodum. It’s also useful for brewing your own batch of iced tea with fresh tea leaves. Even better, you can serve straight from the pitcher!

Buy: BODUM Ceylon Infusion Jug, $16 (normally $20)

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