Want a Ton of Deli Meat From Costco? Because You Can Buy That


Everyone’s eating lunch at home these days. That’ll happen when most of the outside world kind of shuts down in the hopes of slowing down a global pandemic. For some, making lunch daily involves using up a ton of deli meat. But unless you’re buying like four pounds of the stuff, you run the risk of making extra shopping trips at a time when you should cut down on that as much as possible.

So what’s a responsible social distancer to do? Well, if you’ve got a Costco card and the ability to shop there safely, you might want to get your hands on a gigantic three-pound pile of various Hillshire farm deli meats. Spotted by @CostcoBuys, this variety pack is like bringing home your very own deli counter.


This Hillshire Farm variety pack of lunch meat is still on sale at Costco until 4/5! If you’re making a last minute stock up trip don’t forget to grab these! ($7.99, item no. 1208974) ⁣(Note: Photo was taken in advance. PLEASE practice social distancing as much as possible!)

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In this variety pack, you’ll find a pound each of oven-roasted turkey breast, smoked turkey breast, and honey ham. So I sure hope you like turkey and can live without salami, roast beef, pepperoni, etc.

Though this behemoth looks like you’d have a hard time fitting it in your fridge, the good news is that you can tear apart each section and reseal them as much as you’d like. So if you want to go hog wild and work through that pound of ham first, you can do that and thereby consolidate space. Sounds like a pretty good excuse to just eat a lot of ham at once (this is a judgment-free zone).

As long as you’re able to shop sanely and keep your social distance, stopping by Costco and adding this to your cart could be a good way to buy yourself some time before you have to shop again. So stock up on all of that deli meat because it’s the responsible thing to do.


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