We Tried Angry Orchard’s New Spritz Rosé Cider, and It's Like a Low-ABV Seltzer

It wasn’t all that long ago that Angry Orchard first launched a rosé version of its hard cider—the pink drink rolled out in February 2018, during what we ended up calling the "year of rosé cider." (Shacksbury and Crispin also debuted similar ciders around the same time.) Now, the Walden, New York-based brand is back with yet another rosé product—Angry Orchard Spritz Rosé—a bubbly drink that’s meant for “the lighter moments in life.” The idea stems from the popularity of the spritz cocktail (we are firmly team Aperol Spritz, FYI), and Angry Orchard wanted to create something equally refreshing, using fermented juice from rare red-flesh apples as the base. The end result? A light, bubbly drink that’s going to be available just in time for summer.

We tried the Spritz Rosé ourselves, and found it to be sharper than the original rosé cider, with hints of bitter cranberry. Some editors found it to be sweeter and fruitier than the regular rosé cider; others preferred Spritz, saying it wasn’t as sweet as the still cider. The Spritz also got points for its slim can design, with the brand’s signature angry-looking tree design imprinted on top; one staff member likened it to drinking White Claw, thanks to its bubbly effervescence and fruity undertones. Both drinks are low ABV, although Spritz comes in slightly under at four percent, while the OG cider rings in at 5.5 percent—they’re light and easy to drink, and would work well for summer entertaining.

“Spritz is definitely drier, lighter on the palate, more bitter notes,” an editor noted. “By comparison, regular rosé tastes a bit too sweet. I want to mix them together.”

If you want to try the Spritz yourself, it’s currently available in some markets, including New Jersey, Minneapolis, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia, according to a statement. You can buy a six-pack of 12-ounce slim cans for $7.99-$9.99, depending on the market.

Angry Orchard also recently debuted a new AR app that helps you pair cider with food. Launched in March, Cider & Food works with all of Angry Orchard’s core styles: Crisp Apple, Rosé, Easy Apple, and Pear. To use it, simply open the app and point your phone at an Angry Orchard bottle or can—head cider maker Ryan Burk will then pop up on your screen and guide you through the tasting notes of each cider, and how to pair it with complimentary foods. The app also includes recipes—to learn more, check out our story.

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