‘We tried luxury Easter eggs from every supermarket in a taste test’

Easter is just over a week away and giving chocolate Easter eggs is one of the most popular traditions in the UK. Express.co.uk sampled luxury Easter eggs from several supermarkets and brands to find out which one is the best if you want to treat yourself or a loved one this season.  

Each major supermarket was asked if it would like to take part in Express.co.uk’s luxury Easter Egg taste test – all but Tesco participated. Prices for the luxury Easter eggs range from £5.99 to £15 depending on the brand.

A panel sampled the Easter eggs and noted the design of the packaging and price, before rating it out of five. The ratings below are averages, and the winners were Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. 

Lidl Deluxe Marble Egg – £6.99 

Lidl’s Easter egg was made from a “luxurious blend of milk, dark and white chocolate with an elegant marble effect”. 

It was smaller than the other eggs in the taste test, and while the marble effect was impressive, some tasters said the flavour was boring and not very exciting. 

Despite the blend of chocolate, some also claimed it was bitter.

Rating: 2.5/5 

Aldi Moser Roth Milk Chocolate Egg with Luxurious Truffles – £5.99 

Aldi’s ”indulgent milk chocolate hollow egg with individually wrapped smooth creme-filled truffles” is said to be a rival of Lindt. For £5.99 it is the cheapest Easter egg in this taste test. 

However, some tasters compared the chocolate to those you’d get in Advent calendars at Christmastime as it tasted cheap. The egg was also much smaller than others in the taste test. 

This egg also came with truffles, which tasters enjoyed and said were nicer than the egg itself.

Rating: 2.5/5 

Hotel Chocolat Brownie Milk Chocolate Easter Egg – £15 

As a leading luxury chocolate brand, the tasters were expecting big things from Hotel Chocolat but felt let down by the taste of the egg. 

According to the brand, the Brownie egg offers a “new angle on Easter”, and is made from 50 percent milk chocolate with super-smooth pecan praline for hard-boiled brownie fanatics. 

It was the only egg that had plastic packaging inside, and despite the 50 percent milk chocolate, some tasters felt the chocolate was too bitter, and only the aftertaste had brownie elements.

Rating: 2.5/5 

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Asda Extra Special Raspberry & Marshmallow White Chocolate Easter Egg – £7 

Made from extra thick Belgian white chocolate studded with a sprinkling of raspberries and marshmallows, Asda’s Easter egg intrigued tasters with the surprise of mini marshmallows on the inside of the hollow egg. 

It was thick, and heavy, and had a nice chewy texture, but some thought it was very sweet.

Rating: 3/5 

Waitrose No 1 Blonde Chocolate with Salted Caramel Truffles – £11 

Waitrose’s “luxurious Easter egg” is the second-most expensive, and was the first to be tasted. It is made from white chocolate with caramelised sugar, feuilletine wafer and salt egg. Alongside the hollow egg, there are four salted caramel truffles decorated in edible lustre to enjoy. 

The egg was an unusual shape, it was longer and narrower than usual Easter eggs, and it was also presented well in luxury packaging. 

The chocolate offered a salty crunch, but some tasters felt you couldn’t eat too much of it as it was sickly sweet. Some also suggested it needs a stronger flavour of caramel.

Rating: 3/5 

M&S Extremely Chocolatey Dark Chocolate Peanut & Pretzel egg – £7

A thick dark chocolate Easter egg from M&S that is loaded with salted pretzels and caramelised peanuts, comes in a 100 percent plastic-free box. 

Tasters enjoyed the crunch of the pretzels, and commented on the perfect amount of saltiness. Despite the egg being made from dark chocolate, it was not bitter, but some suggested it would be more enjoyable if it was made from milk chocolate.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sainsbury’s Sticky Toffee Chocolate Easter Egg, Taste The Difference – £8 

For £8, Sainsbury’s is offering a “hollow milk chocolate egg with white chocolate decoration, caramel pieces and fudge cubes”. Those who tasted the egg thought it was really chocolatey, but not too rich or sickly. 

There was also a good distribution of fudge cubes, but some suggested it didn’t taste like sticky toffee pudding flavour, just caramel. Nevertheless, the chocolate tasted luxury.

Rating: 4/5

Morrisons The Best Space Eggs Milk Marbled Orange – £6

Part of Morrison’s premium Easter collection, the egg is made with smooth Belgian chocolate, marbled and studded with orange-flavoured crunch. 

Everyone commented on how smooth the chocolate was in terms of mouthfeel and enjoyed the subtle crunch. 

The orange flavour didn’t taste artificial and wasn’t overpowering, a really nice twist on an Easter egg.

Rating: 4/5 

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