We Tried the Vegan Queso Costco Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of


I love cheese dip, but it hurts me—As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown more sensitive to dairy, and I’m far from the only person facing this predicament. So right at the dawn of 2020, when news of a vegan queso dip that tastes good hit the internet, I know I wasn’t the only curious dip fan.

In addition to being vegan, Good Foods Queso Style Dip is gluten-free, has no added sugar, and is void of preservatives or artificial ingredients. This also means you won’t find it in the same aisle as the tortilla chips: Instead, look for it near the produce section, where you’d find hummus.

The dip gets its creamy texture from a blend of almonds and cauliflower, and doesn’t have that chalky feel that you find with lots of plant-based cheese imitations. And while I can’t say this tastes exactly like restaurant-style queso dip, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. The blend of cumin, turmeric, cayenne pepper, garlic, sea salt, and lemon juice results in a tangy, spicy flavor that’s hard to resist. All of my colleagues who tried the dip agreed, and even as I write this, I can hear them munching on chips dipped in “queso.” In fact, the container is nearly empty.

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It’s ready to be served chilled, but it’s also good scooped into a bowl and warmed up. Either way, you’ve got yourself a party dip guests armed with a tortilla chip or veggie stick can’t ignore. Good Foods even recommends using it as a pasta sauce for a zesty vegan mac n’ cheese. If you’re looking for even more vegan dips, you’re in luck. Good Foods also offers Buffalo, Avocado Pesto, Tzatziki, and Creamy Cilantro flavors.

Prices and sizes vary across stores. My local target offered the 8-ounce container of Queso Style Dip on sale for $3.99, while Costco markets the 1.5-pound tub for $7.99.


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