We Want to Spread Land O Lakes’ Maple Brown Sugar Butter on Everything


Suffice to say that 2020 has been something of a “bad year” so far, one which has reminded us that plans can change in an instant and tomorrow isn’t promised. I’d say that means you might as well enjoy self-indulgent foods that look like they taste good without stopping to think about whether or not they make all that much sense.

Case in point: Land O Lakes is now improving your breakfast with “Maple Me Crazy,” a Maple Brown Sugar Butter Spread that at least one Instagram snack-finding influencer describes as “one hell of a mouth joy ride.”


@landolakesktchn have released a limited batch “Maple Me Crazy” Maple brown butter spread. The companies description says. “We’ve baked it into chewy sugar cookies, melted it on roasted sweet potatoes, and have used it to make perfectly crunch caramel corn.” This sounds like one hell of a mouth joy ride!! I’m down for sure to put this on some crispy pancakes. You can get this at all stores that carry the brand now. How do we feel about this one👇🏼🍁🥞 Image and info @landolakesktchn #landoflakes #maplemecrazy #foodgasm #newfood #foodporn #fatman #f52grams #explorerpage #yum #maplebutter #imdownn

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Awkward phrasing aside, Land O Lakes says this maple butter spread offers a “delightfully sweet combination of sweet cream, maple syrup and brown sugar,” making it an excellent addition to anything that stands to benefit from butter, a little maple syrup, or both. Essentially, that means pancakes and waffles are in the proverbial sweet spot (no pun intended) when it comes to this stuff.

But you shouldn’t be a coward and shove this little tub of maple-scented joy to the back of the fridge once breakfast time is over. It could work well on everything from popcorn and sweet potatoes to a whole litany of baked goods (uhh… maple bars, anyone?) that benefit from that sweet and salty touch. Maple Me Crazy is your little pinch of culinary creativity. Your secret weapon. The friendly flannel-wearing neighbor to your normal butter.

Just like all good things (and hopefully the big bad thing that’s driven us all to new depths of depravity) Maple Me Crazy is a “limited batch” that will only be around for a brief time. So strap on that mask and stock up on this stuff and take a culinary trip up north. It sure beats figuring out how to tap your own maple tree.


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