Where to buy the Prime Hydration Drink in the UK – online

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The Prime Hydration Drink is the latest internet sensation and Brits are eager to shop for the energy drink, which keeps you hydrated and energised in a healthy way. Previously, the drink was only available in the UK to buy at ASDA and the Emirates Stadium, as it’s part of a sponsorship with Arsenal, however it’s now coming to more supermarkets in the UK.

Shop Prime Hydration Drink at The Bottle Club

£9.99 View Deal

The viral energy drink which promises hydration with no added sugar is available to buy from The Bottle Club. Hurry as it’s sure to sell out fast.

If you’re looking to start your new year energised and refreshed then Prime’s Hydration Drink is the perfect pick for you.

Created by Youtubers KSI and Logan Paul, the viral drink sold out in minutes when it first launched, with sites like eBay reselling it for expensive prices.

But now Brits can buy the popular drink in-store at Aldi for only £1.99 from today onwards.

Be warned, it’s sure to sell out fast as there’s a limit to one drink per flavour, so if you can’t get your hands on it in-store you can find it online at the Bottle Club.

The Bottle Club is now selling all flavours of the drink with prices from £9.99 up.

Flavours include Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Orange, Lemon Lime, Meta Moon and Grape.

The drink is made out of 10 percent coconut water and boosts energy levels with electrolytes, B vitamins and BCAAS.

Plus, it has no added sugar so its healthier than drinking soft drinks and is only 20 calories a bottle.

Amazon is also selling the drink but for £15.04 up and shoppers love buying it as presents for their kids.

Popular flavours include the Ice Pop and Blue Raspberry with good reviews on Amazon.

Winston Paul Braithwaite said: “Fab.”

Alex added: “Definitely worth the price. I recommend this.”

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