White Castle Is Giving Away 1 Million Sliders in Honor of Harold, Kumar, & Uber Eats Delivery

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Exactly 15 years ago today, the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle debuted in theaters — and how things have changed. Yes, stoners still love White Castle, but the other basic plot point of the movie — driving to get food — has essentially been replaced by food delivery apps. And as of right now, it's easier than ever before to live Harold and Kumar's dream without leaving home.

Starting today, tied to the anniversary of the movie, White Castle has been added to the Uber Eats app. And the excitement doesn't stop there: The brands are also offering two awesome deals as part of the launch.

First, Uber Eats is giving away 1 million free White Castle sliders, ten at a time, on all qualifying orders. To get your free ten-pack, all you have to do is spend $10 at White Castle through the Uber Eats app, select the "Sack of 10 Original Sliders" option from the White Castle menu, and then use the promo code "1MILLIONSLIDERS" at checkout. This offer will be available until 1 million sliders have been given away (doing the math, that's the first 100,000 orders) or until August 31, whichever comes first.

Speaking of limited-time deals, the second offer is only for today and tomorrow (July 31), but it's got a fun twist: Uber Eats customers will have the chance to buy Harold & Kumar's order from the movie — 30 sliders, five orders of French fries, and four Cherry Cokes (the Harold) or Diet Cokes (the Kumar) — and pay the same price it cost back in 2004: $23.40. Fans can still find these special orders in the app throughout August, but the prices will revert back to normal (about $45 depending on the location).

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"At White Castle, we're always working to improve the access and ease of enjoying our iconic sliders for our loyal customers across Craver nation," explained Lisa Ingram, CEO at White Castle. "In 2004, we learned of a daring and arduous trip that two fans took to fulfill their Cravings. Today, we're happy to partner with Uber Eats to take our delivery capabilities to an entirely new level and make sure we're meeting customer needs where and when they arise."

Or to put it another way: Hey stoners, you don't have to come to us; we'll come to you. That's probably easier for everyone involved — whether you have to ride a cheetah or not.

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