White Claws Are Coming to Trader Joe’s

White Claw Trader Joe's

2019 truly was the year of hard seltzer. You practically couldn’t attend a barbecue without seeing White Claw, Truly, or Bon & Viv chilling in a cooler—in fact, the demand for White Claw became so great, there was a temporary shortage. So it should come as no surprise, then, that uber-popular grocery store Trader Joe’s has hopped on the White Claw train, and 12-packs are starting to pop up in locations around the country.

Delish reported that a fan account, @TraderJoesGang, spotted White Claw variety packs for $15.99 on store shelves, which is slightly more expensive than the typical retail price. A Trader Joe’s representative told Food & Wine that the brand started gradually rolling out White Claw last month, with the plans to eventually have the hard seltzer in stores nationwide. Currently, you can find a 12-pack (including Natural Lime, Raspberry, Ruby Grapefruit, and Black Cherry flavors) in the following 13 states—California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Texas, Colorado, and Idaho. There is no set date yet on when White Claw will reach all 42 states (plus D.C.) Trader Joe’s operates in, but the goal is “as soon as possible.” According to People, TJ's already stocks Bon & Viv and The Shell House hard seltzer.

Speaking of hard seltzer, craft beer gift basket company Give Them Beer launched a hard seltzer advent calendar earlier this year, and White Claw is one of many brands featured, alongside Truly and Henry’s, as well as “small-batch hard seltzer brands.” (The full selection is a surprise, according to the website.) You can order it for $59—just make sure you have your ID handy when it arrives, as it’s required for you to sign and accept the package. There are also restrictions on which states Give Them Beer can ship to, due to local alcohol laws, and you can find that information under the "shipping" tab on the product page.

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