White rice cooking hack for ‘fluffy’ grains – and no burnt pans

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No matter how you choose to cook it, rice can be difficult to get right, often leaving the grains sticky or burned onto the bottom of the pan. While switching to microwaveable packets is the easiest way to guarantee good consistency, a cooking blogger has shared a foolproof method to help you cook “perfectly soft and fluffy” rice from scratch. All you need is water, oil, salt and some white rice.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Marie Saba (@mariesaba) showed followers the foolproof method in a few simple steps.

While pouring a generous amount of oil into a hot saucepan, she said: “If you have trouble making white rice, you have got to try this recipe.”

Once the oil had coated the base of the pan, the Instagram user tossed in one large, peeled garlic clove to “add some flavour”.

Next, she added one cup of long-grain basmati rice and stirred it into the hot oil.

Marie noted that the rice should be constantly stirred until the grains are cooked and turn “opaque”.

When the rice was ready, she added one teaspoon of salt and two cups of water.

The Instagram user said: “Then we’ll give that a stir and were going to bring it to a boil.

“You’ll see the bubbles start to come around on the sides. Then we’ll add the lid and leave it to cook for 20 minutes.”

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After leaving the rice to cook, Marie removed the lid and stirred the rice a few times.

She noted that it was “not burned on the bottom” and the white grains were “perfectly soft and fluffy”.

Before serving the rice, the cooking blogger removed the garlic clove.

Marie explained that the boiled rice was suitable to “enjoy with anything” thanks to its plain flavour.

How to avoid sticky rice

Overcooking or undercooking rice is bound to ruin the texture of the grains, though sticky rice is often caused by starch rather than a poor boiling technique.

Loose outer starches rub off the grains when they hit boiling water, causing a moist, sticky texture.

Cooking the grains in too much water can worsen the texture. To avoid this, an expert at the Food Network recommended using two parts water to one part rice.

To increase the recipe used by Marie, you can try cooking two cups of rice in four cups of water, or four cups of rice in eight cups of water.

Keeping your pan on moderate heat is the best way to avoid burned rice grains clinging to the base of the pan.

Coupled with the generous amount of oil, a steady heat source is key to achieving the same texture demonstrated by the Instagram cooking blogger.

If you find the grains are still sticking even on a smaller hob ring, you may be using the wrong kind of pot.

Always use a heavy-bottomed style rather than a thin pot, as this will expose the grains to too much direct heat.

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