Won’t go mouldy! Keep grapes firm and juicy for 4 weeks with easy food storage hack

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Having returned from the supermarket with a pack or bag of grapes, they usually last for two to four days on a countertop or in a fruit bowl. If you store them in the fridge, they can last for five to 10 days. But here’s a clever food storage hack which can result in your grapes last three weeks to a month – and remaining firm, juicy, and mould-free. 

Britain tends to sell grapes in a plastic tub with a flimsy cellophane cover. 

According to the supermarkets, grapes are “typically fresh for four days” and it is advised they are stored “at home, in the fridge”.  

It is also suggested that grapes are “washed before use”, which means washing them before eating. 

Many households tend to wash grapes as soon as they unpack them from their shopping bags, but there’s a reason why you should refrain from doing this. 

Washing grapes adds excess moisture to the fruit. 

In turn, the grapes can decompose – or go mouldy- faster. 

For ultimate longevity, there are a few ways to store grapes. 

Some suggest keeping the grapes in the plastic bag or container they were sold in. 

The packaging has small holes which allow air to circulate through the fruit. 

The grapes should then be placed in a cold spot in the fridge. 

Usually, the crisper drawers are the ideal location, but these might be full of other vegetables, so the middle of the fridge will do. 

The airflow and chill of the fridge will help preserve the fruit for about three weeks, according to experts. 

Food storage hacks are the trend on TikTok at the moment, and many have been sharing their savvy ways to store fruit – including grapes. 

One solution is to pick the grapes from the stem and place them in an airtight container, or mason jar. 

Make sure the jar isn’t full, because you then add fresh water and place the lid on tight, before keeping it in the fridge. 

Apparently, this storage hack can keep grapes fresh and firm for up to one month. 

As for whether you need to change the water in the jar, it is not necessary. 

“Just use a spoon or clean hands” when reaching into the jar to grab the grapes. 

For anyone with squishy grapes, you can either freeze them or blend them into smoothies to reduce food waste. 

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