Yorkshire nan shares easy guide to make huge Yorkshire puddings – no weighing involved

This Morning: Yorkshire nan talks about her TikTok cooking videos

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Bev Stewart, 60, from Keighley in West Yorkshire joined TikTok after her grandchildren told her to film a dance video. In a few months, ‘NannaBea’ as she is known on the social media app, has amassed thousands of followers and have taken to showing her fans what she likes to cook and eat. Bev joined ITV’s This Morning and revealed her secret behind light, fluffy and golden Yorkshire puddings. 

Speaking about the number of fans she has on the app, Bev said: “It’s crazy – it’s blown up recently over Christmas and the New Year. 

“When I got 10,000 followers I thought ‘that was really exciting.’” 

Bev previously spoke about why she enjoys using the social media app. 

She said: “I do like acting a bit daft I suppose. I’m not your average 60-year-old. 

“I have a busy job, I work in a nursing home – I work at night so TikTok’ing is usually on the days that I don’t work.” 

This Morning presenter Alison Hammond said: “It just proves that the world just loves food – when any of our chefs come on our show, people love it, they love their passion for food. 

“Maybe we could get you on the show and you can cook for us?” 

Bev replied: “Absolutely.” 

Alison then asked: “What is your secret to a really good Yorkshire pudding? Can you give us any tips?” 

“It’s all about equal measures,” Bev revealed. “Now people sometimes don’t understand what I’m saying, but I use this little cup. 

“I fill that up with flour – plain flour – and tip it in a bowl. 

“Then I fill it up with milk – tip it in the bowl. 

“Then I fill it up with eggs – tip it in the bowl. 

“Then I give it a good beating [whisk],” she added. 

In terms of measurements, if you were to use 250g of flour, you would need 250g of milk and 250g of eggs to make the Yorkshire puddings. 

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As for the tin she used, sometimes she has been seen pouring the Yorkshire pudding batter into individual cupcake tins. 

During another video, Bev poured the mixture into one round deep pie tin to make one big Yorkshire pudding. 

Before adding the batter, Bev puts a lump of lard into the tin and then the tin into the oven to get nice and hot. 

Nannabea current has 464.4k followers and 13.6 million likes. 

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