You Can Buy a Candle That Smells Like Mountain Dew


Mountain Dew is pretty extreme as far as sodas go. Though Red Bull and other energy drinks have stolen its thunder a bit, the brand is somewhat synonymous with action sports and intense video gaming sessions, both generally the province of people who don’t concern themselves much with how they or their lived environment smell. 

Which is why it’s so surprising that Etsy shop 716 Candle Co. is selling its own Mountain Dew-scented candle. Made out of wax derived from American soybeans, this candle is housed in a reused Mountain Dew can and provides over 40 hours of soda-scented goodness. It’s perfect for gamers, people on a soda cleanse who miss the smell of their favorite green sugar water, or anyone who just wants their home to smell like it’s presided over by a really cool middle schooler. 

All jokes aside, reviewers seem generally happy with the product. Many state that it smells “EXACTLY like Mountain Dew,” frequently exceeding their expectations in a way that makes it “a perfect gift for any Mountain Dew fanatic,” as one five-star review reads.  

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As if that wasn’t enough. 716 Candle Co. also sells a Diet Mountain Dew Can-dle, though it’s hard to tell if it’s supposed to smell any differently than its full-strength counterpart. I mean, what does the diet part of diet soda smell like anyway? 

If Mountain Dew isn’t your desired smell, don’t worry. The Buffalo-based candle company also sells Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Coke, A&W, and Fanta candles, among others. There are also plenty of beer and even liquor-based olfactory options as well. If you like drinking it, your home can smell like it. . 

So if you’ve ever wanted to up your candle game but have been too intimidated by scents that don’t make sense, getting a Mountain Dew candle may just be a good place to start. There’s nothing better than a living room that smells like someone spilled a soda on the couch without having to deal with the cleanup. 

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