10 Products You (Probably) Aren’t Buying at Trader Joes—But Should Be

Trader Joe’s is best known for popular products like Mandarin Orange Chicken, Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, and Speculoos Cookie Butter, but some fans of the food retailer recently took to Reddit to share the items they feel aren’t getting enough love. Here are 10 healthy options you might not think to buy at Trader Joe’s, but should consider adding to your cart ASAP.

Frozen Fish

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We are big frozen fish fans here at Cooking Light—it’s a quick and delicious way to add protein to a healthy weeknight dinner. Several Redditors spoke out about their love for Trader Joe’s high-quality frozen fish—particularly their fillets, swordfish, and fish sticks. One Redditor said TJ’s fish sticks are an easy way to make “lazy fish tacos”—just add a little slaw mix and Avocado Green Goddess dressing. Yum!


The bakery section doesn’t have all the colorful bells and whistles many of the other displays do in Trader Joe’s stores, but don’t let that stop you from stocking up there. Some Redditors feel the retailer’s private label bread deserves some credit—specifically the Ezekiel Bread-like sprouted and cracked wheat sourdough varieties.

Olive Oil Spray

Cooking spray is a great way to grease baking dishes and cookware without using extra fat, and olive oil spray is a favorite of ours. Trader Joe’s sells an olive oil spray that one Redditor found helped her practice better portion control and makes all her vegetables taste even better. Simply spray a light coat on top of your veggies in place of regular olive oil before roasting.

Baking Supplies

Redditors in this thread posted several times about various baking necessities we should all be buying from TJ’s. From cinnamon and chocolate chips, to coconut sugar and flakes, you can find everything you need for a glorious weekend of baking at a fraction of the price.

Nutritional Yeast

A beloved umami-flavoring agent (and source of Vitamin B12) of many vegan home cooks, nutritional yeast is becoming a more popular kitchen staple for its impressive flavor and health benefits. Many Trader Joe’s shoppers raved about their nutritional yeast, as it is much less expensive than in just about any other grocery store. And it makes our vegan nacho cheese sauce recipe taste nutty and cheesy, sans dairy!

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Morello Cherries

These jars of dark, sour cherries have a secret cult-like following. Whether you’re looking for the perfect topping to a TJ’s New York cheesecake or a want to make a delicious cherry pie when cherries aren’t in season, morello cherries from Trader Joe’s are (apparently) your answer. One Redditor has been buying them for 15 years!

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is one of those specialty health products that can you can find at Trader Joe’s for a much lower price. One Redditor said TJ’s even offers a more impressive deal on this product than Costco. While we aren’t 100 percent sure about the validity of its health claims, Reddit users love it both plain and on a hot, buttered biscuit. We’ll take one too, please!


Tofu can be frustrating to purchase if you only use a little at a time, and several Redditors commented on how much they loved the twin packs of tofu because they help prevent food waste. Plus, you can purchase organic tofu for cheaper at TJ’s than many other supermarkets.

Sweet and Spicy Pecans

While it may not be the first thing you add to your grocery list every week, you just might want to start. Several Redditors noted they love these pecans on everything—from a fluffy stack of pancakes to a seasonal salad. One even mentioned they wish Trader Joe’s sold them in a bigger bag.

Greeting Cards

OK, OK, we’ve mentioned this one before—and we’re obsessed with this one. But if you are an avid Trader Joe’s shopper and aren’t stocking up on your greeting card collection there, you’re missing out!

We shared this mostly to let you in on a little-known secret we learned from another Reddit thread (yes, we realize we’re internet trolls). Trader Joe’s employs their own greeting card designers and every print is only made once. So if you really love a certain design, grab the whole stack while you can!

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