5 of Alton Brown’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

1. Zyliss Pizza Wheel

We’ve written about his love for this pizza cutter before. “This one is unique because the handle doesn’t stick out from the side. When you press down, your hand is right over the blade, for better control,” he told Fast Company. We’ve actually tested this cutter and we have to agree with Alton. It’s all about leverage and it works for thick and thin pizzas. And, perhaps the best part, the blade is removable for thorough cleaning in the dishwasher.

Buy: Zyliss Pizza Wheel, $9

2. Thermapen

“I’m a stickler on temp control,” he said in that same Fast Company interview. He likes this Thermapen because it works quickly and is incredibly accurate. If you want a less expensive option, our gear pro (and many professional chefs) recommends the ThermoPop (from the same company) for just $34.

Buy: Thermapen Mk4, $99

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3. Krups Precision Indoor Grill

Alton told Fast Company and Men’s Journal that he loves his Krups panini maker: “I use it multiple times a week, but I never make paninis with it.” It seems the execs at Krups got inspired because they don’t sell a panini maker anymore, but they do sell this Precision Indoor Grill, which works the same way. Alton uses his small appliance for everything from chicken to omelets, he says.

Buy: Krups Precision Indoor Grill, $147

4. Board Scraper

“I don’t understand how people can exist without a board scraper or a dough blade,” he told Men’s Journal. Alton is so obsessed with his, he even travels with it (because they’re rarely found in Airbnbs). He uses it as an extension of his hand to move ingredients around and clean a counter. He hasn’t said which one he likes best, but this one, from OXO, is a favorite here at Kitchn.

Buy: OXO Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Scraper & Chopper, $10

5. Steel Lotus

Alton is a wizard, so he hacked his steel lotus (a fancy term for those stainless steel, folding steamer baskets) into a three-level steamer so that he can make more food at once. (This video shows him explaining it.) But for the rest of us, a single steel lotus is probably fine! This one has an extendable handle for easy insertion and removal into a pot.

Buy: OXO Stainless Steel Steamer Basket, $20

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