Aldi Sells Frozen Sushi In Spicy Crab And Philadelphia Roll Varieties

There’s no takeout food that hits quite like an order of way too many sushi rolls. Plus, those leftovers the next day? Glorious. Keeping up with your sushi habit can get pricey and time-consuming so Aldi has an alternative that will make it that much easier to satisfy those cravings when they hit: frozen sushi.
Off the bat, the idea of frozen sushi might seem a little different, but fans of Aldi have found it at their local stores and swear by it for easy meals. Instagram account @adventuresinaldi found the spicy crab roll and Philadelphia roll in their grocery store. The Philadelphia Roll includes salmon and cream cheese.
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Packages of the sushi can be found in the freezer aisle and are totally ready to eat after they’re thawed out. @Adventuresinaldi said that this method makes it easy to eat only a few pieces at a time. “Have you tried sushi from Aldi yet?! I know frozen sushi sounds a little sus, but it’s pretty dang good!!! You can set out the whole package or just a few pieces at once which is what I do!” they wrote in their Instagram caption.
It also seems that because the Aldi sushi comes individually packaged, it’s a safer option for people who may have allergies to certain ingredients. “My son doesn’t eat sushi from the restaurants due to food allergies but he can eat these. I’ve tried them too and they are pretty good,” a user wrote on the Instagram photo.
Frozen sushi is definitely one of those Aldi products that is hit or miss but you’ll never know if you like it until you give it a try. Could this be the next margarita wine?

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