Amazon Shoppers Swear This Clever Tool Is the Fastest Way to Make Thanksgiving Gravy

OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator

We all know preparing the Thanksgiving meal can be a challenge. There’s roasting the turkey, mashing the potatoes, chopping the veggies, baking the pies—all on top of juggling visiting family and friends with, you know, enjoying the day yourself. Luckily, there are shortcuts to speed up the food prep process, like this smart tool for mess-free gravy.

Rather than waiting for homemade stock to cool so you can skim fat off with a spoon, you can simply pour everything into the OXO 4-Cup Fat Separator and watch the fat rise to the top. Its heat-resistant plastic strainer catches unwanted bits like herbs and bones, while the design of the silicone stopper creates air pressure to prevent fat from entering the spout. It also features a comfortable, nonslip handle and easy-to-read measurement markings in both ounces and milliliters.

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To buy: $15;

Like many of OXO’s well-designed products, the strainer is an Amazon favorite and has an impressive 4.6-star rating with more than 1,200 reviews. Users rave about how sturdy and easy it is to use the tool, especially in the chaos of Thanksgiving prep.

“I bought this before Thanksgiving (I am the gravy man in our family),” wrote one reviewer. “I have owned and used similar products, but this separator is head and shoulders the best. Size, shape, cup/ml markings, and strainer are all excellent, and the spout plug which keeps the fat out of the spout while the rises to the top is superb.”

Another added how its 4-cup capacity is perfect for the extra pressure that comes with the holidays: “Finally a large enough separator for juices of a large turkey that doesn't melt. I tried this over Thanksgiving with a 19-pound bird and it easily held all the juices and fat. The colander like top catches the coarse bits too without clogging so you have the choice of adding them to the gravy/dressing/etc. or discarding. The best I've found so far.”

Reviewers also praise the tool’s thoughtful design elements, like the comfortable, nonslip handle, a tapered spout lip to minimize drips, and a dedicated slot to hold the silicone stopper.

“The handle is thick and padded so it is comfortable to hold, even when the cup is full,” said a user. “I've used very hot liquids in this and the cup has not cracked. I like the 4-cup size for separating fats from broths and soups. The red stopper is supple and easy to insert and remove. It is invaluable for keeping the fat out of the spout. I've used many different fat separators, continuously on the lookout for the perfect one. This one is it!”

And priced at just under $15, it’s an affordable tool to make Turkey Day a little less stressful. Head to Amazon to get your own OXO 4-Cup Fat Separator and you’ll ride the gravy train from now until New Year’s.

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