Cherry Plums Are the Delicious Fruit Hybrid We Never Knew We Needed

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There are dozens of things to love about summer—like reading a book by the ocean, grilling with the neighbors, and a more bronzed complexion—but our personal favorite is gorgeous seasonal produce. While we are big fans of tomatoes, corn, peaches, and berries during the summertime, we recently discovered a new fruit at Trader Joe’s that’s sure to be a new seasonal favorite—cherry plums!

This adorable little fruit is about the size of a small plum. It has a gorgeous red-purple hue and a cherry-like stem. Not only is it the perfect aesthetic crossover of a cherry and plum—it’s the perfect flavor combination, too. Cherry plums have the perfect amount of cherry tartness and mellow sweetness from plums for a craveable summer treat.

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So far we’ve only seen these babies at Trader Joe’s, but we will keep our eyes out for other grocers, too. One pound of these sweet-tart cherry plums will set you back just $3.29, but you’ll probably want to stock up while you can, since they likely have a very short growing season. We can’t wait to start using them in galletes, pies, and preserves—and we know they would taste amazing on the grill, too! 


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